Five Questions With...Steve Rushin,
Jour '88
(Molly McQuade, Comm '15, mentee)

Steve Rushin

1. Why are you serving as a mentor?
Because plenty of people helped me, and because students need to hear that their goals are attainable.

2. How do you manage work/life balance?
By erring on the side of life.

3.Two things you think a Marquette student should do before they graduate.
(1) Something nice for someone less fortunate and (2) their own laundry.

4.What would you like to accomplish with your mentee, Molly, in the remaining weeks of the mentor program?
I just want her to be comfortable with and confident in the academic and professional path she's following.

5.What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I have four kids aged 9 and under, but I imagine I would enjoy reading in my spare time.

Steve Rushin is an author and weekly columnist for He resides in Connecticut.

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