MUAA Mentor Program

2017-18 MUAA Mentor Program at an all-time high

The nationally recognized and award-winning program matches approximately 110 student mentees with alumni mentors in nearly 30 states.

Five Questions With... Mentor Elena Braun,
Bus Ad '08

Elena Braun, Bus Ad '08

1. Why do you serve in the MUAA Mentor Program? I have benefited tremendously from my mentors over the years. Making time to work with emerging professionals seems like the most fitting way to demonstrate my gratitude. Plus, I really like getting to know my mentees.

2. What suggestions do you have for mentees? And mentors? Never underestimate the power of your network. Take time to cultivate good connections and create opportunities to expand your network. 

3. What’s your favorite Marquette memory? Working with a team of classmates to teach a course on financial literacy in Milwaukee public high schools.

4.  If you’ve had a mentor, what’s one piece of advice that has stuck with you? The world is small- handle every interaction with grace and compassion. Also, work won’t be fun every day but make sure more days are good than bad. If the balance tips, make a change.

5.  Something you wish you would’ve done differently at Marquette to help prepare for your career? I underestimated the impact of politics and human behavior on getting business done. If I were to go back and do it again, I would have taken more classes on those topics.

Elena Braun, Bus Ad ’08, is a senior manager, Supply Chain and Trade Operations, at Ironwood Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, Mass., and mentoring business administration mentee Ryan Sharpe.

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