2016-17 MUAA Mentor Program

What a year as 2016-17 MUAA Mentor Program comes to a close; slideshow captures collaboration

Thanks to an outstanding year-long effort by alumni mentors, student mentees and campus partners, the MUAA Mentor Program concluded on April 27 with approximately 80 participants celebrated the close of the 2016-17 initiative. Thank you to all participants who helped make this another successful year.

See the year in pictures slideshow here (and clicking the monitor icon in the right-hand corner), including mentor-mentee meetings on campus, Milwaukee, Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York and California and other mentor events like the April 27 finale.

May MUAA Mentor Program Newsletter

Five Questions With... Mentee Alumna Amanda Stellberg, Comm ’16  
(Mentor: Rondell Sheridan, Comm ’80)

2016-17 MUAA Mentor Program1. You graduated last year and worked with mentor and actor/writer/director Rondell Sheridan in the MUAA Mentor Program. What have you done since moving to Los Angeles?
Last year I interned for Apatow Productions for six months followed by interning for a talent management company that manages touring stand-up comedians. During the second internship I was co-producer for a Sirius Radio show hosted by Gabriel Iglesias.
2. How did your time in the College of Communication prepare you for these positions?
I was really valued for the Sirius Radio show due to my media law knowledge when it came time to read and summarize contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
3. What challenges have you faced?
There have been struggles. I was asked to be a writing consultant for a screenplay, which is supposed to have funding behind it, but I had to walk away because of my morals. It would have been my first really big writing credit but I couldn't get behind the script content.
4. Any suggestions how students can prepare for life after Marquette?
For graduates, prepare to feel like every decision you make (moving to a new city, taking a new job, for example) is super permanent- but it isn't. If you don't like a situation, change it!
5. Seventeen words for the Class of 2017?
Set personal expectations. The real world doesn't run on semesters. Determine what's important for what you accomplish.

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