MUAA Mentor Program

2017-18 MUAA Mentor Program participation at
all-time high

The nationally recognized and award-winning program matches approximately 110 student mentees with alumni mentors in nearly 30 states.

Five Questions With... Mentor Tom Seaman, Eng '86 (Jenna Grieshop, engineering mentee)

Tom Seaman1. What suggestions do you have for mentees? And mentors?
Come prepared with a couple topics for discussion, but also bring an open mind about what you might take away.

2. What’s your favorite Marquette memory?
Exploring downtown Milwaukee with friends, particularly freshman year.

3. Something you wish you would’ve done differently at Marquette to help prepare for your career?
I wish I’d taken more humanities courses.  I was very focused on math and engineering classes, which are great for training you to solve problems, but I think it’s the humanities courses that help you learn to think critically and develop a broader view.

4. My first job after graduating from Marquette was….
I became a radar engineer at General Electric in Upstate New York, a job which eventually sent me to Taiwan, which was a life-changing experience.

5. Past or present, individual you’d like to invite to dinner?
Matteo Ricci.  He was a Jesuit missionary the 16th century China, whose mastery of Chinese language, history, and culture was instrumental to his success, and led him into numerous fascinating situations, including serving for years as an advisor to the emperor.

Tom Seaman, Eng ’86, is principal at Clarus Marketing PDX in Lake Oswego, Ore. This is the second year he’s mentoring in the MUAA Mentor Program.


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