Undergraduate Research Opportunities

About Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Program:

Discovery and innovation are the cornerstones of a Marquette Engineering education.  The experience of working with faculty and staff members who are pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge will transform what students learn in the classroom into reality for the benefit of society.

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program is dedicated to enhancing the academic undergraduate experience by providing the opportunity to partner students and faculty in an outside the classroom research experience. The program has been designed to include seminars on research-relevant issues, and practice in research presentations. The many benefits of the program are found in the open interaction between these activities and the unique opportunities that only addressing open-ended research driven challenges can provide.

Benefits of being an Undergraduate Fellow:

For Undergraduate Fellows, the benefits include the opportunity to work closely with a faculty or research group in an area of interest to gain "hands-on" experience that embodies the concepts taught in classrooms. Benefits also include joining a community of students, faculty, and staff who learn, create, and serve together by pushing the boundaries of discovery.  Participants specialize in a specific discipline of interest and discover how classroom theories are applied in practice.  In addition, Fellows will be asked to contribute to the production and dissemination of knowledge by developing written and oral communication skills.

For research mentors, the benefits include the receipt of valuable research assistance and the opportunity to share the excitement of discovery with an enthusiastic young scholar and develop the next generation STEM workforce.  The Fellowship program allows faculty to pursue avenues that might not otherwise be explored within their research programs, start new ventures entirely and attract quality graduate students to their programs.

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