Engineering class


Assessment Rubric for Program Learning:
Outcome E

Ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems

Level of Achievement: 1 Below Expectations Level of Achievement: 2 Meets Expectations Level of Achievement: 3 Exceeds Expectations
Identify Does not realize when major components of the problem are missing and has no coherent strategies for problem solving Has a vision of the whole problem, and has some strategies for problem solving. Demonstrates understanding of how various pieces of the problem relate to each other and the whole
Formulate Does not see the connection between theory and practical problem solving Connects theoretical concepts to practical problem-solving when prompted and is beginning to integrate previous knowledge and new information. Formulates strategies for solving problem and can relate theoretical concepts to practical problem solving
Solve Demonstrates solution implementing simple application of one formula or equation with close analogies to class/lecture problems Demonstrates solution with integration of diverse concepts with useful relationships and connects theoretical concepts to practical problem solving. Demonstrates creative synthesis of solution, creates new alternatives, and relates theoretical concepts to practical problem solving


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