Edwin E. Yaz, Ph.D., P.E.

Edwin E. Yaz, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor and Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Office: Haggerty Hall 289A
E-mail: Edwin.Yaz@marquette.edu
Phone: (414) 288-6820
Fax: (414) 288-5579

Research interests

Professional preparation

Ph.D.. 1982, Electrical Engineering, Bosphorus University
M.S.E.E., 1979, Electrical Engineering, Bosphorus University
B.S.E.E., 1976, Electrical Engineering, Bosphorus University

Selected recent publications

“Improved Chaotic Communications Using Nonlinear Filtering” (with X. Wang) Int. J. of Innovative Computing Information and Control, 2009.

“The State Dependent Control of Continuous Time Nonlinear Systems with Mixed Performance Criteria (with X. Wang) Proc. of the IASTED Int. Conf. on Identification, Control and Applic.s, Honolulu, HI pp. 98-102, 2009.

Discrete-Time State Feedback Controller Design for Conic Nonlinear Systems with General Criteria” (with F. Feng, C.S. Jeong and Y.I. Yaz) Proc. of the IASTED Int. Conf. on Identification, Control and Applic.s, Honolulu, HI, pp. 94-97, 2009.

“A Reconfigurable Motor for Experimental Emulation of Stator Winding Inter-Turn and Broken Bar Faults in Polyphase Induction Machines,” (with C.C. Yeh, G. Y. Sizov, A.S. Ahmed, N. A. O. Demerdash, R. J. Povinelli, and D. M. Ionel), IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, vol.23, pp. 1005-1014, 2008.

“Sorption-induced Static Bending of Microcantilevers Coated with Viscoelastic Material,” (with M. J. Wenzel, F. Josse, S. M. Heinrich, and P. G. Datskos) J. of Applied Physics, vol. 103, 064913/1-11, 2008.


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