Each year, we enroll only 100 freshmen to ensure that every student receives the personal attention they require to succeed in this intense, exciting learning environment.

Applicant Review and Selection

The admissions committee starts the review process as soon as applications begin to arrive in June. While the admissions committee’s decision is largely academic, we take the time to carefully select those students we feel are the best fit for our program by also considering non-academic characteristics that demonstrate an applicant's talents, values and motivation to excel in their studies.

Interviews and Admissions Offers

Interviews are conducted primarily in October and November, and the first offers of admission are made in early December. Once all primary spaces in the class are filled, an alternate pool is created.

Reservation Deposit

A $1,000 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve a space in the class. This deposit is credited to each student’s first-semester tuition.