This fully online graduate certificate will enhance your leadership skills, better preparing you for leadership positions in community, government, corporate, or not-for-profit environments around the globe.

  • Class size is limited to 20 students.
  • Classes are taught by the same quality faculty presently teaching the existing on-campus program. ALL faculty are experienced online teachers.
  • This graduate certificate is also offered in a blended online format - a blend of weeknight classes and online learning.
  • Credits can be applied toward a fully online or blended online master's degree in Leadership Studies.

Who is it for?

The certificate is designed for working professionals who are preparing themselves for leadership positions in government, corporations or not-for-profit organizations. It balances practical skills with a values-based foundation, making you a better leader wherever you choose to go!

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the discipline of leadership to creatively engage the community in meeting its challenges.
  • Identify an ethical issue and apply ethical principles, values, theories or frameworks to leadership practice.
  • Possess the cultural and communication skills necessary to interact in a reciprocal exchange that honors the human dignity of all persons.
  • Apply theory and principles of group dynamics in assuming multiple group roles and responsibilities.


  • To earn the certificate students will complete the five required courses noted below and earn 15 graduate credits. As of Fall 2013, students will complete a reflection paper during the last semester of coursework.
  • Students spend an average of 12-14 hours a week on course work for every three-credit course.
  • On average, students complete the program in one to two years. The certificate must be completed within three years.
  • After completing the graduate certificate program, you may choose to apply all 15 credits earned to Marquette'smaster in leadership studies degree.

Class No. Class Title Credit Hours
LEDR 6000 History and Theory of Leadership and Ethics* 3 credit hours
LEDR 6005 Self-Leadership
3 credit hours
LEDR 6010 Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Team Leadership
3 credit hours
LEDR 6015 Influence of Leadership on Behavior in Organizations 3 credit hours
LEDR 6020 Leaders as Worldly Citizens
3 credit hours
  * Prereq for all LEDR courses  
Reflective Paper due during the last semester of coursework.


LEDR 6000 - History and Theory of Leadership and Ethics - 3 credit hours

Presents analysis of historical concepts regarding leadership with a special focus on leadership ethics.  Developmental processes related to ethical leadership behavior will be studied.  Introduces quantitative and qualitative research methodologies appropriate for leadership issues.

LEDR 6005 - Self-Leadership - 3 credit hours

Studies aspects of the self that directly impact leadership.  Includes the study of intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of leadership.  Arenas of self-leadership that are foci include: time and money usage, attitude and mood management, daily routines and stress management.  Explores the ethics of self-leadership.  Highly applications-focused.  Includes qualitative and quantitative methodologies appropriate for measuring the self.  Prereq: LEDR 6000.

LEDR 6010 - Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, and Team Leadership - 3 credit hours

Negotiation is the art and science of reaching an agreement between two or more parties.  The goal of this course is to help students understand the theory and process of negotiation from a variety of vantage points.  The focus will center primarily on group dynamics and the tools and techniques needed to understand the process.  It will expose students to various team-building and problem-solving strategies.  Emphasis is placed on the steps and practices critical for negotiations to work effectively and the strategies and tactics necessary for successful team building.  The course will be partially experiential, providing students with an opportunity to develop their skills, by participating in negotiations, and integrate their experiences with the principles presented in the course materials and class discussions.  Students will learn to develop their negotiation and team building skills through the case study method, hybrid assignments and in-class negotiation exercises. Prereq: LEDR 6000.

LEDR 6015 - Influence of Leadership on Behavior in Organizations - 3 credit hours

Studies the influence of leadership on the behavior within and toward an organization, especially as related to organizational culture, governing bodies, strategic planning, succession planning, diversity and globalization.  Prereq: LEDR 6000.

LEDR 6020 - Leaders as Worldly Citizens - 3 credit hours

Studies leadership and organizational leadership behavior in the context of the external culture within which the organization is embedded.  Studies the intersection of world religions, world history, world monetary systems, with leadership and ethics.  Issues include: nationalism, education, democracy, economic development, distribution of resources, trade vs. aid, the plight of vulnerable peoples of the world, information technology issues.  Simple analyses of databases with worldwide data will be conducted.  Prereq: LEDR 6000.

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Alan Blaskowski

Vice President and Relationship Manager, BMO Retirement Services
Graduate Certificate in Leadership Studies '13

"I chose the Leadership Studies program because it offers a balance of practical skills and values-based principles that provide the necessary lessons and competencies to excel in leadership positions."


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