Library Classroom Reservation Request

Raynor Library has two computer classrooms that faculty and staff may reserve for occasional use. All such requests will be reviewed by the Library's Research and Instructional Services Department.

Completion of this form does not guarantee a reservation.

General availability:

Use of the classrooms for library programming is the library's top priority. Thereafter, requests will be considered on the basis of availability and appropriateness of room use for the group and their training needs.

Who can make reservations?

Reservations may be made either by the instructor or an administrative person responsible for computer lab scheduling. Students may not request reservations.

Non-Marquette Attendees--Access Restrictions may apply:

Events including non-Marquette persons will also need approval from the library's Access Services Department prior to securing a reservation. To simplify the process, please include information about non-Marquette attendees in the form below.  This information will be shared with Access Services for approval.

If you don't need computers for students:

If you would like a room with a computer and overhead projector for the instructor, but do not need computers for the students, please contact the Library Dean's Office at 288-7214 to inquire about room 301.

Black-out periods:

In order to accommodate students working on final projects, classroom reservations are not accepted during the last two weeks of the fall and spring semesters. The library's instruction schedule also limits availability during the fourth, fifth, and sixth weeks of the fall and spring semesters.

Specialized software:

No additional software may be installed on the PCs in the classrooms, although each of the workstations is equipped with the extensive collection of software found on most library computers.

Summer and breaks:

The demand for Raynor's computer classrooms is typically light in the summer and during breaks. However, those wishing to reserve the classrooms at these times should be mindful of the library's reduced hours during these periods.

Please contact us at least one week prior to the desired reservation date.

Classroom Request Form

Please submit your request using the form below.  A member of Research & Instructional Services will receive and review the request. You will hear from someone shortly regarding the status of your request.
*All fields with an asterisk must be filled in.
STEP 1: Personal Information
*Name of Requestor
  Name of Instructor
*The best way to be contacted Phone   Email
*Number of participants
  Course Code
  Course Name
STEP 2: Library Access for Non-Marquette Persons - Restrictions May Apply
Events including non-Marquette persons need approval from the Library's Access Services Department prior to securing a reservation. To simplify the process, the following information will be forwarded to Access Services for consideration. Please allow additional time for this approval. If necessary, you may be contacted for additional information.
*Library Access: Do you wish to include non-Marquette persons?

 No - Please move on to Step 3
 Yes - Please complete this section
Please provide a brief description of non-Marquette participants including number of attendees, will attendees need computer access, etc..
STEP 3: Available Software
*Please indicate which software your students would need.
The following applications are loaded on the PCs. (Additional software cannot be loaded.)
Office 2013--except Outlook (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, InfoPath)
Adobe Acrobat Reader
CD burning with Nero Express
GRE PowerPrep
Internet Explorer
Web editing (Nvu, Notepad++)
Windows Movie Maker
STEP 4: Functionality
The settings on the library computers may not match those on your own PC. If you are uncertain as to whether our computers will permit specific functionality, please indicate if you would like someone to contact you to discuss.
*I understand that the functionality of the library's computers may be different than the functionality to which I am accustomed Yes
*Please contact me to discuss possible differences. Yes No
STEP 5: Preferred Date and Time
  Class meets on Mon    Tues    Wed    Thurs    Fri    Sat
*Date, 1st choice
  Date, 2nd choice
  Date, 3rd choice
*Start time
*End time
STEP 6: Additional Information
*Information about the group and classroom need:
STEP 7: Classroom Choice
*Please note classroom details below and indicate your room preference.
30-computer room (computers in rows, facing forward) 20-computer room (computers along perimeter, facing outward)
Large Classroom (245) Workstations are arranged in rows facing forward
Number of student computers: 30
Whiteboard size: Large
Instructor's workstation: Yes
Overhead projector: Yes
Loading of software possible: No
Small Classroom (227) Workstations are arranged along the walls facing outward
Number of student computers:20
Whiteboard size:Small
Instructor's workstation:Yes
Overhead projector:Yes
Loading of software possible:No
STEP 8: Submit Request
Do not assume that a room has been reserved for you with this submission. You will be contacted if and when the reservation is confirmed.
*I understand that submitting this request does not guarantee a room.  Yes
Thank you. A member of Research and Instructional Services will get back to you shortly.
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