What does Marquette do with all that information from the surveys I complete?

Departments in the Division of Student Affairs and other co-curricular units collect information regularly and use it to make improvements to programs and services.  The scrolling box at the right describes just a handful of the many changes that the voices from you and the students who came before you have helped bring about.

Want to know more?  Executive summary reports from some of the larger surveys can be found here.  If you’d like to know how a specific department uses information from students in making decisions, contact any member of the Student Affairs Assessment Team.

Even MUSG collects data regularly to improve its programs and better represent your voice.  Here are some summaries from recent larger surveys they’ve conducted:  2011 PDF, 2009 PDF, 2007 PDF, and a special advising survey in 2007 PDF.

What about assessing the effectiveness of my major and academic experiences?

The faculty for every major at Marquette have articulated a set of goals they have for what students will learn through their courses (called “learning outcomes” for short).  You can visit the Assessment at Marquette website and scroll through the academic units to find your major and see the learning outcomes, plans for how the faculty will measure and assess their program, and highlights and reports from the past three years that detail what the faculty have learned through their assessment process and the improvement actions they’re taking.

Are there other data about students that are collected and reported?

The Office of Institutional Research and Analysis (OIRA) collects, analyzes, and reports information from a variety of different sources to Marquette stakeholders (students, parents, faculty and staff, trustees, external accreditors, etc.).  Their website contains reports and statistics from student surveys, student enrollment, retention and graduation rates, freshmen demographic information, and the data sets collected for the U.S. government.  OIRA is also responsible for the online course evaluations you complete each semester, which are very important to helping instructors and departments improve their teaching and the quality of the courses you take.


Student Leadership Awards

Student leadership awards

The Division of Student Affairs presents leadership awards annually to recognize student contributions to the mission and activities of the various student affairs areas. Students are nominated by staff from the division and throughout the university and are selected by a committee representing each of the student affairs departments and Campus Ministry. Awards are presented at a program held each year in April. Read more about the student leadership awards.