The DSA Assessment Team serves in a coordinating role with a number of campus surveys that are used to collect information about student experiences, outcomes, and attitudes. Data from these various sources are collected, analyzed, and reported to the campus.

Information and reports from the broader survey instruments can be found below. (Reports are available for on-campus users only.)

Institutional Surveys

Survey of First-Time Freshmen
Administered during New Student Orientation, this survey asks about students' experiences before college, expectations for Marquette, their predicted levels of involvement, learning, and engagement, and their concerns.
2014 PDF, 2013 PDF, 2012 PDF,2011, 2010, 2009 PDF, 2008 PDF

Graduating Senior Survey
Investigates graduating seniors’ engagement in co-curricular learning experiences at Marquette, experiences with learning outcomes and key mission-related aims of the university, plans for the immediate future, and overall satisfaction with their Marquette education.
2015 PDF, 2014 PDF, 2013 PDF, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 PDF, 2006 PDF, 2002-2005 PDF

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
National instrument that collects information about student participation in programs and activities that are provided for learning and personal development.
2013, 2010 PDF, 2007 PDF, 2004 PDF

Undergraduate Alumni Survey
Examines post-graduation outcomes of recent Marquette University undergraduate alumni. The survey asks respondents about their current life situation, pursuit of additional education, current employment status, their reflection on institutional learning outcomes, and overall satisfaction with Marquette.
2013 PDF

Undergraduate Post-Graduation Outcomes Survey
Examines employment and enrollment in graduate and professional school activities of recent bachelor's degree recipients with the goal of estimating six-month post-graduation outcomes rates.
2013 PDF

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Topical Reports/Summaries

Diversity and Inclusivity Summary Report
2013 PDF

First Year and Transfer Student Orientation Evaluation
2014 PDF

First Year Reading Program Assessment Executive Summary
2013 PDF

Fraternity/Sorority Life Impact Study
2012 PDF

Fraternity/Sorority Snapshot
2012 PDF

Sexual Violence Prevention Programming
2011-2012 Executive Summary PDF Detailed Report PDF

Spirituality Research and Assessment
2012 PDF

Student Engagement
2011 PDF

Residential Sophomore Experiences
2012 PDF

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Ongoing National Surveys Conducted by Departments

AlcoholEdu Follow-Up Dataset
2010 PDF, 2009 PDF, 2008 PDF, 2007 PDF, 2006 PDF.

Campus Recreation Outcomes and Benchmarking Study (NIRSA)
2009 PDF, 2012 PDF

CORE Institute Alcohol Survey
2009 PDF

Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL)
2009 PDF, 2006 PDF

National College Health Assessment (NCHA)
2012 PDF,2009 PDF, 2007 PDF

Residence Hall & Apartment Satisfaction Studies (EBI)
2011 PDF, 2010 PDF

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For additional information, contact the campus investigator for the survey, or contact Assessment Team Chair Jodi Blahnik.


Diversity Advocates

Diversity advocates

Diversity Advocates provide support, mentorship, and advocacy to students, as well as opportunities for education and discussion around issues of diversity. More information.