Mission, Vision, and Strategic Priorities


The College of Business Administration and Graduate School of Management are dedicated to creating research with relevance and impact, providing innovative applied learning experiences, and serving as a valued resource for business and society. Through our Jesuit tradition of scholarship, service, and care for the individual, we develop ethical and socially responsible global leaders who are prepared to compete in a complex and dynamic business environment. With a focus on applied learning, we create a strong community of researchers and teachers, learners, alumni, business partners and supporters who advance the practice of business through innovation.


We will be recognized as a leading business school that educates socially responsible leaders prepared to excel in the competitive global environment.

Strategic Priorities

  • Build a culture of excellence in research by more actively engaging faculty, students and external partners in applied research projects that have relevance and impact.
  • Offer a broad array of innovative academic programs for the lifelong learner that integrate leadership, social responsibility and a global perspective.
  • Create strong business connections that are locally focused with a global reach that provide a pipeline of professional talent for business organizations and bring the business world into the classroom.
  • Strengthen our community of more than 20,000 business school alumni by engaging and connecting them with our students, faculty, and each other.
  • Fully engage our students in co-curricular activities that develop their business and leadership skills.
  • Plan for an innovative teaching and learning environment that supports applied learning centers, community space for internal and external audiences, and creates the opportunity to connect our campus with the global business community.
  • Develop strong communication messages and identify appropriate communication channels to reach our varied constituencies that will enhance the reputation of the business school, Jesuit business education and the university.