An interdisciplinary major/minor, Gender and Sexualities Studies draws on the expertise of affiliated faculty from various departments and colleges.

Way Klingler College of Arts & Sciences


Heather Hathaway specializes in African American women’s literature and history, Southern women’s literature, and gender and sexuality in literature.

Christine Krueger teaches women’s literature and also focuses on issues of gender and sexuality in courses on Literature and Law and Victorian literature.

Foreign Languages

Enaya Othman researches Arab and Muslim women’s experiences in colonial and postcolonial contexts with an emphasis on the intersectionality of gender, class, and race.

Anne Pasero researches and teaches on Hispanic women’s literature from the Renaissance to the contemporary period.


Kristen Foster, an American historian, teaches a survey of women in the United States which explores the complex history of the country through the eyes of diverse women who shaped and were shaped by historical currents from first contacts to the present.

Carla Hay, a specialist in eighteenth-century British history, teaches a survey of women in western civilization and colloquia and seminars on gender in history.

Chima Korieh teaches and publishes on African women and gender issues in Africa.


Theresa Tobin teaches Feminist Philosophy and is currently researching spiritual violence perpetrated against heterosexual women and LGBT persons within Christian communities.


Ed de St. Aubin emphasizes gender in his course on Human Sexuality. His scholarship includes LGBTQ psychology and sexuality during emerging adulthood.

John Grych teaches the Psychology of Marriage and Family which examines fundamental issues pertaining to family relationships including the role of gender in shaping experiences in close relationships.  His current research focuses on aggression in close relationships, including family and romantic relationships.

Debra Oswald teaches the Psychology of Gender and the Psychology of Prejudice.  Her research examines how gender stereotypes shape perceptions of self and of others.

Social and Cultural Sciences

Louise Cainkar has published extensively on Arab American women and is currently researching the gendered experiences of transnational Arab American teenagers living abroad.

Roberta Coles teaches Race and Family which discusses gender across races.  She researches fatherhood with a focus on single and social fathers, particularly, Black single fathers.

Angelique Harris focuses in her research and teaching on the influence of sociocultural factors such as gender on the ways in which marginalized groups perceive and experience health.

Dawne Moon is a sociologist who studies religion and gender/sexuality, including her current study of evangelicals and LGBT communities.  She teaches the Sociology of Sex and Gender and has taught the WGST capstone course.

Sameena Mulla teaches Culture, Law and Violence which includes units on the anthropology of sexual assault and domestic violence.  She researches medico-legal sexual assault examination and sexual assault adjudication.

Jane Peterson teaches Women and Men in Cross-Cultural Perspective which provides a comparative overview of sex and gender roles, identity, and ideology from the perspectives of human biology, archaeology, and ethnography.  Her research focuses on the diversity and dynamism of gender roles in the prehistoric past.

Meghan Stroshine teaches a course on domestic violence in the United States and focuses in her research on the criminal justice response to intimate partner violence.

College of Business Administration

Cheryl Maranto teaches Diversity in Organizations and focuses in her research on women in the workplace, including the impact of a “chilly climate” on women faculty and gender differentials in weight discrimination.

College of Communication

Ana Garner focuses in her teaching (Race and Gender in Mass Media) and research on both historical and contemporary representations of race, gender, and class within news media and popular culture.

Jean Grow teaches a course on Gender in Advertising and researches the global under-representation of women in advertising creative departments.

Lynn Turner researches gendered communication behaviors that create and recreate issues of difference and similarities between and among people.  Her teaching includes a course on gender and communication.