It is the responsibility of each of the university's commercial tenants to determine whether they should prohibit weapons in the leased premises and post “Weapons are prohibited in this building” or equivalent signs at the entrance to the leased premises. The university will take into account a commercial tenant's decision whether or not to post signs at the entrances to leased premises, and any safety issues involving university employees, students, and invitees that may be related to the commercial tenant's decision, in deciding whether to renew a commercial tenant's lease and to perform any discretionary acts as landlord.

In addition, the following Rules and Regulations shall apply to all commercial tenancies in which the university is the Landlord:

Tenants shall not permit any weapons on the leased premises except in strict compliance with 2011 Wisconsin Act 35. The open carrying of weapons in common areas is prohibited. Tenants shall not possess any unloaded ammunition in the leased premises. All weapons not within the immediate control of a licensed individual must be stored in such a manner as to prevent any other person in the leased premises from gaining access to the weapon. Tenants should address any questions concerning the policy to the Office of Architect.

Tenants acknowledge that this rule goes to the essence of the lease and that the landlord intends to enforce strictly each of its obligations and exercise all rights available to landlord as a result of any violations.


Any questions about the weapons policy?

Call the Department of Public Safety at (414) 288-6800 with concerns about violations of the weapons policy. For emergencies call 288-1911.

The university considers any violation of its weapons policy to be a serious matter.