Sustainability in the curriculum

Marquette has a long history of addressing ethics and social justice in the classroom.  Since social justice was already incorporated into several courses, we decided to begin cataloging courses that address the other two tenants of sustainability:  environmental and economic justice.  Through our search, we were able to find several degree programs including aspects of sustainability, myriad course offerings focusing on one or more aspects of sustainability, immersive learning experiences around the university, and a few centers and institutes.  Some of our findings are catalogued below.  Please share any areas we may have missed for inclusion in this section. 

Sustainability-related degree programs


Sustainability-focued and -related courses

For our STARS report, we were asked to catalog courses that included some or all three tenants of sustainability: social justice, environmental justice, economic justice.  For our first submission, we looked at each course offered over a three semester period. Using the list of courses offered, we then went into the Course Catalog and looked at each course's description.  A PDF list of courses containing one or more aspects of sustainability in their course description can be found below.

Immersive Experiences

Marquette offers several sustainability-related and –focused immersive and service experience opportunities.

Service Learning

One such opportunity is the Center for Teaching and Learning’s Service Learning program.  Service Learning is an academic program which enables students to perform meaningful community service related to their courses.  Each semester, many professors at Marquette offer their students a service option as a means to learn in practice what they are learning in theory in the classroom.

Agencies and schools in the community benefit from the services provided by the students and become partners in their education as well.  Service Learning classes are offered in many departments and demonstrate the creative expertise of faculty committed to extending disciplinary work into local communities. 

Some examples of environmentally-focused community agencies include the Urban Ecology Center, Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful, and Growing Power.  Please share other sustainability-themed opportunities you are aware of to add to this list. 

Marquette Action Program

Another opportunity for students to immerse themselves is through Campus Ministry’s Marquette Action Program (M.A.P.). For over 30 years, Marquette students have enjoyed choosing service trips during spring break to spend time in communities, reflecting upon issues of social justice, and making a difference in a community in need.  M.A.P. sites are organized within the themes of urban poverty, rural poverty and environmental justice, diversity and justice within indigenous population and immigrants, disaster rebuilding, and much more.  Each site offers students the chance to live simply and work hand in hand with the community for a week.

You can find additional service and immersion opportunities on the Campus Ministryand Center for Community Service websites. 

Centers and Institutes

Living-Learning Communities

Marquette’s Office of Residence Life offers two unique Living-Learning Communities. 

Inclusive Leadership CommUNITY

The McCormick Hall Inclusive Leadership CommUNITY is a vibrant residential learning community open to all undergraduate students.  It has male and female wings and houses 70 residents.  Students from minority and majority cultures have an opportunity to interact with and learn from each other in an environment accepting of all people.

Participation in a two-semester seminar focusing on cultural diversity is required of all members of the CommUNITY.  Students enhance their knowledge of cultures through readings and attendance at cultural events on campus and within the city.  Student earn 1.5 credit hours after completing each semester. 

Student develop and cultivate leadership skills through planning and implementing social and educational programs with cultural themes, including dinners, speakers and retreats. 

Dorothy Day Social Justice Community

The Social Justice Living Learning Community is an opportunity for sophomore students to line on two floors in Straz Tower and focus on creating positive social change.

Participants will take one class with fellow community members each semester:

The courses include a service-learning component designed to enhance students’ academic experience through engagement with Milwaukee.  Students can spend their sophomore year living with others who have similar goals: advocating for social justice issues, whether poverty of fair trade, the environment or education.




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