When you hear about a crime that's occurred, do you wonder how someone could commit such an act? Are you curious about what happens to someone after they've been accused of a crime? In Criminology and Law Studies, we investigate the various reasons people commit crimes. We also dig into how police, courts and the corrections system work, as well as why the criminal justice system works the way it does — the good, the bad and the ugly.

Upon completion of the Criminology and Law Studies major, a student should be able to:

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Criminology and Law Studies:
A Socially Meaningful Field of Study

Looking for a socially meaningful, thought-provoking and fascinating field of study? Dr. Mary Ann Farkas, associate professor of social and cultural sciences, invites you to consider majoring in criminology and law studies at Marquette. Enroll in a course and explore the causes of crime, criminal behavior and how the criminal justice system responds. What you learn may surprise you.




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Criminology and Law Studies
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