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Champions for Change

As featured on the Marquette Men's Basketball home court, Marquette Changemakers attacking root causes of global social problems with sustainable solutions. Be the change!

Cheer on Champions for Change at the Bradley Center during the following home games:

Jan. 11th (Humanoid Robotics), Jan. 25th (H20score), Jan. 30th (CWC), Feb. 4th (HPN), Feb. 15th (Humanoid Robotics), Feb. 19th (Brady), Feb. 27th (CWC), March 8th (H20score)

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Humanoid Robotics

Dr. Andrew B. Williams is a tenured Full Professor and the John P. Raynor, S.J., Distinguished Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Marquette University. He is also the Director of the Humanoid Engineering and Intelligent Robotics Lab. Dr. Williams and his robotics work have been featured media outlets including the 700 Club, CNN, CBS Evening News, and National Public Radio. Dr. Williams invents robotics and mobile intelligent technology to address societal problems such as childhood obesity. Dr. Williams goal as a Champion for Change is to help students develop and market innovations that will lead to everyone having an ethical and affordable humanoid robot in every home to assist children and adults from all backgrounds with life tasks, healthy living, and learning in a culturally relevant and socially intelligent manner.

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Dr. McGee Young is an Associate Professor of Political Science in the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences, and local Milwaukee water Social Entrepreneur. His startup, H2Oscore, is a story of university innovation, community engagement, and a vision to solve the biggest public policy challenge of our lifetimes. H2Oscore is an online portal that helps people track their water use, learn how to conserve, and make a difference in their communities. Through H2Oscore, communities collaborate to solve their water challenges. The idea to solve a major ecological challenge emerged from Marquette University's mission-driven call to action, faculty collaboration around an interdisciplinary minor in Environmental Ethics, and an emerging Social Innovation initiative. H2Oscore operates out of the Global Water Center and was part of the charter class of startups in the Global Freshwater Seed Accelerator Program in Fall 2013.

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Countries without cavities (CWC)

Ryan Twaddle is a sophomore from Lisle, IL, studying Biological Sciences in the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences. He is President Pro Tempore of the Marquette University Student Government, a leader in Changemakers@MU, a RA in Schroeder Hall, and a member of Lutheran Campus Ministry. Countries Without Cavities (CWC) focuses on developing preventative measures and treatment techniques to provide dental healthcare to those who cannot afford it, especially locally in the greater Milwaukee community and across Wisconsin. CWC also fosters an interest in dentistry among students, encouraging the pursuit of higher education and dental school. CWC was a semi-finalist winner in the 2013 Brady Corp Midwest Social Innovation Start-Up Challenge and the winner of the 2012 MU Social Innovation Design Contest. Ryan feels personally inspired to act on solutions for dental care and currently focuses on spreading the word of his start-up plan.

Human Powered NEBULIZER (HPN)

Dr. Lars E. Olson is Interim Chair and Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering in the College of Engineering and Director of the Human Powered Nebulizer Project. The Human Powered Nebulizer (HPN) is a low-cost, electricity-free alternative to commercial nebulizers. Most nebulizers require electricity of some kind and are often too expensive for the poor in rural areas. The HPN is powered by pedals and used to treat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, the fifth leading killer in the world. A clinical study of the HPN is currently being conducted in South Africa, and deployment strategies for the HPN are currently being investigated in healthcare communities in El Salvador. This work is funded by the NCIIA and Marquette University.

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Champions for Change

What is Social Innovation?

"It combines the passion of a social mission
with an image of business-like discipline,
innovation, and determination."

- J. Gregory Dees

Why is this important to The Brady Corp?

"Brady Corp supports the communities in which we live and work. The partnership between Brady, Marquette, and social innovation is exciting because there is a ripple effect – Brady is giving to the community in a way that aims to change existing cycles. We’re supporting new solutions to old problems. Think of innovations and business models that actually shorten the soup kitchen line and ultimately eliminate it altogether!"

- Kathie Campbell, Director, Corporate Relations at Brady Corporation

How does social innovation fit at Marquette?

"Marquette is uniquely positioned among Ashoka's University partners as a Changemaker Campus because of its Jesuit history and the kind of leadership that that history embodies. Because Marquette is located where it is geographically - in a region where the concept of social entrepreneurship is relatively new - it plays a key and critical role in bringing that concept, social action, and social impact to the region"

- Diana Wells, President of Ashoka

Who are Social Entrepreneurs?

"Social entrepreneurs are transformative forces: people with new ideas to address major problems who are relentless in the pursuit of their visions, people who simply will not take no for an answer, who will not give up until they have spread their ideas as far as they possibly can."

- David Bornstein, How to Change the World