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Deferment Form

Use this form to apply for:
Student Deferment
Military Deferment on HPSL and NSL loans (but NOT cancellation) 3
Residency and Internship (eligible funds only)
Graduate Fellowships (must be outside the U.S.)
Mothers returning to workforce (eligible funds only)
Rehabilitation for disabled individuals
Service with U.S. Public Health Service or N.O.A.A.C.

Financial Arrangement Form

Use this form to apply for:
Economic Hardship Deferment2
Unemployment Hardship Deferment2
Monthly Payment Arrangements
Peace Corp Forbearance (but NOT cancellation)
Jesuit Volunteer Corp/other volunteer service
Military Forbearance (when NOT eligible for better benefits)

Cancellation Form (general) How to Complete Your Cancellation Form (VIDEO)

Use this form for most types of service-based Cancellation, including:
Low Income School Teaching
Shortage Area Teaching1
Nursing or service as a Medical Technician1
Head Start
Military Cancellation
Early Intervention1
Law Enforcement1

Cancellation Form (Special Education)1

Cancellation Form (Child/Family Service)1

Military Deferment (for Perkins)


Loan Inventory List Form


You must be employed FULL-TIME to receive cancellation.

All forms must be signed in pen. Faxed copies are not acceptable.

Deferment and Cancellation forms must be certified by the appropriate school, military, or employment official.

1These benefits require an official job description.

2These benefits require additional documentation of eligiblity.

3Effective 7/1/06, though benefit may be processed retroactively to the beginning of the current Iraqi campaign.