A faculty member's sabbatical class means the year(s) in which she/he will generally take sabbatical leave. Sabbatical class is usually determined by the date of first appointment and date of tenure. For Assistant Professors tenured and promoted to Associate Professor in August following the time-bound year, the earliest eligible sabbatical class is the year following the year in which the promotion and tenures is conferred. The first sabbatical leave is then normally taken in the sabbatical class year, with subsequent sabbatical leaves scheduled in the 7th, 14th, 21st, year following the sabbatical class year.

Every tenured faculty member should have reviewed and signed a statement concerning his/her sabbatical class. If you are uncertain as to your class, records are maintained by the unit chairperson, college dean, or director, and the Office of the Provost. You may contact any of these offices to ascertain your class.


Request may be made to the Office of the Provost regarding particular modifications of the sabbatical time table. Requests for exceptions to stated policies will be evaluated in terms of departmental and university as well as individual faculty member needs. Please submit Status Change Form to the Office of the Provost through your department (if appropriate) and/or college office. It is important to note that even if a faculty member anticipates or defers taking a sabbatical earlier or later than the sabbatical class year, the sabbatical class year does not ordinarily change.