Current Faculty Research Projects

Prof. Julia Azari is currently working several projects. One is an article manuscript on mandates and landslide presidential elections. The second is an article on divisive primary elections. The third is an article on the vice presidential selection process. The final is a book manuscript on presidential rhetoric.

Prof. Lowell Barrington is currently working on two projects. The first examines the lessons from the integration policies in Estonia and Latvia over the last decade. The second is an article manuscript about the relationship between nation building and state building.

Prof. Darrell Dobbs is currently studying the classical trivium and quadrivium in search of a foundational art of learning.

Prof. Jeffrey Drope is currently working on several projects. He is editing a large volume on the politics of public health in Africa, particularly focusing on tobacco control. This project is supported by a grant from the International Development Research Centre. He is also writing a related book that helps economic development practitioners to use political science concepts to reach their policy goals more successfully and efficiently. Finally, he has recently submitted several manuscripts for review including a study of elites' attitudes toward trade policy in developing countries, and an examination of the politics of smoke-free policies in Africa.

Prof. H. Richard Friman is currently working on two book projects exploring the ways in which alien criminality arguments have influenced historical and current immigration control policies in the United States, Germany, and Japan. Other research projects underway include investigating the political processes through which "name and shame" strategies have influenced patterns of state cooperation with global prohibition regimes. Prof. Friman also has contributed chapters on the illegal migration industry for two edited volumes, one in press and the other under review.

Prof. Ryan Hanley is currently on leave courtesy of a research fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. His fellowship will enable him to complete his edited volume, Adam Smith: A Princeton Guide, forthcoming from Princeton University Press, as well as several other papers on Adam Smith and the eighteenth century. In addition, Prof. Hanley is also completing work on his monograph on love and wisdom in the Enlightenment, and beginning work on his third book.

Prof. Karen Hoffman is currently working on a systematic examination of speech in online comment forums, as well as an article on Obama's rhetorical strategies for dealing with political opposition.  Her essay "Comment Forum Speech in the 2012 Presidential Election: A Mirror of Mainstream Discourse" is forthcoming in Controllng the Message: Campaigning in an Information-Rich Environment," University of Michigan Press.

Prof. Dongwook Kim is currently working on a book manuscript examining the diffusion and effectiveness of national human rights institutions worldwide. He is also working on several article manuscripts and a book chapter on Amnesty International’s human rights advocacy techniques, the growth of transnational human rights NGO networks, transitional justice, as well as a collaboration project with Prof. Paul Nolette on the global diffusion of constitutional courts.

Prof. Barrett McCormick is currently working on several projects, including a book manuscript titled Media Markets and the Transformation of China's Public Sphere, a book chapter comparing the development of media markets in China with other countries, and an early-stage project on the consequences of China's growing role in Africa.

Prof. Paul Nolette is currently working on a book manuscript examining how litigation by state governments has reshaped American public policy. He is also working on an article manuscript on pharmaceutical litigation and a conference paper on the federal government's empowerment of state litigators.

Prof. Duane Swank is currently collaborating with Olaf van Vliet (Economics, University of Leiden) to study the European Union’s impact on domestic social and labor market policies across European political economies. He is also working on extensions of past work of the convergence of national tax policies and the political economic determinants of income redistribution in postindustrial democracies. In addition, Professor Swank is writing a new book on how domestic institutions shape the ability of developed democracies to cope with post industrialization.

Prof. McGee Young is currently working on a book chapter on advocacy organizations. He is also completing an article on constructing advocacy coalitions and working on a co-authored article titled “Political Parties and Changing Patterns of Associationalism.”

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