Dr. John Karkheck

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WW 314
(414) 288-7358

Dr. John Karkheck

Professor Emeritus

I was born and raised in Queens, in the shadows of Manhattan's towers, completing my rites of passage by traveling daily 3 hours round trip on bus and subway to attend Regis high school in Manhattan. My wife, Kathleen, is a native of Brooklyn, daughter Lorraine was born in Nassau, and daughter Michelle and son Eric were born in Suffolk, so we are truly a Long Island family.

After completing my college and graduate studies in various places throughout New York State, I spent some time at Brookhaven National Laboratory sharpening my research skills. Before coming to Milwaukee in 1993, we lived for 12 years in Flint, Michigan, the birth place of General Motors.

My research interests include developing and studying models for many-body dynamic processes with a view to understanding transport processes in dense fluids and the nature of irreversibility in many body dynamics.


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