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Laboratory Coordinator/Lecturer

Research Interests: My research focuses on studying quantum fields in a curved space-time background as opposed to Minkowski space. Specifically, I am interested in quantum effects near strong gravitational sources such as stars, black holes, and wormholes.  Such effects are probed by calculation of the stress-energy tensor created by the quantum fields.  This works helps us to better understand the interplay of particle physics theory and gravity, in the form of Einstein's general theory of relativity, by approximating a theory of quantum gravity.

So far, I have studied quantum effects of the fermion field using a technique that leads to a full (all modes included), renormalized stress-energy tensor near the extreme Reissner Nordström black hole and a number of Lorentzian wormhole geometries.  The energy densities and pressures that compose the stress-energy tensor provide insight into the nature of the quantum effects.

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