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The Work in Progress Brownbag Luncheon

The Work in Progress Brown Bag Luncheon Series gives members of the faculty and graduate students a forum for the presentation of works in progress and ideas for upcoming research and publication. Here are the schedules for Fall, 2014 and Spring, 2015. For the fall semester, all talks will begin at noon in the Philosophy Commons, Coughlin 139.  Locations for Spring 2015 TBD. Contact Kimberly Engels or Dana Fritz for more information.

Philosophy Department Events Calendar
Spring 2015 Colloquium Series

Upcoming Philosophy Department Lectures and Events

February 2015

2/27/2015 3:30 P.M., Marquette Hall 105 Colloquium Series Lecture Philip T.L. Mack, "Should a Concept of Truth be attributed to Nahuatl Thought? Preserving 'the Colonial Difference' between Concepts of the West and Nahua Philosophy." Winner of American Philosophical Association's Essay Prize in Latin American Thought.

March 2015

3/8/2015 Brown Bag Luncheon Jered Janes, “An Husserlian Critique of McDowell's     Conceptualism”

3/12/2015-3/14/2015 Interdisciplinary Moral Forum TRT grant.

3/18/2015 8:40 A.M.-1:10 P.M., Raynor Library Conference Center B-C Symposium Rahim Acar, Marmara University, Istanbul, Andrea Robiglio, KU Leuven, Sarah Pessin, University of Denver, "Philosophy in Support of Religion in the Abrahamic Traditions in the Middle Ages." Contact Dr. Richard Taylor for more information.

3/19/2015 3:30-5:00 P.M. Seminar Sarah Pessin, University of Denver, Richard C. Taylor, Marquette University, "Averroes and Maimonides: Influence and Innovation." Contact Dr. Richard Taylor for more information.

3/25/2015 Brown Bag Luncheon Marisola Xhelili, “Can We Hold Psychopaths Morally Responsible? Reassessing Agency Cultivation and Moral Participation”

3/27-3/28/2015 The Marquette University Philosophy Graduate Student Association (PGSA) will sponsor a conference on "Interpretation."  Call for Papers deadline is January 15.

April 2015

4/8/2015 Brown Bag Luncheon Ericka Tucker, “The Hobbesian Roots of Spinozan      Democracy”

4/17/2015 3:30 P.M. Marquette Hall 105 Colloquium Series Richard Taylor, Marquette University, "Remarks on Intellectual Abstraction in Aristotle and the Medieval Traditions"

4/22/2015 Brown Bag Luncheon Yoon Choi, “Conscience as Moral Self-Awareness in Kant's Late Ethical Writings”

4/29/2015 3:30 P.M., Marquette Hall 105 Colloquium Series Dehlia Hannah, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, "The Atmosphere of the Atmosphere: A Phenomenological Investigation of Climate Modeling"

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