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The Marquette Philosophy Department provides a placement service for all Ph.D. students, both currently enrolled and recently (within the last 7 years) graduated students. The successful academic job search requires more than a dissertation. It requires concerted effort and collaboration between the student, the faculty advisor, and the placement director. We are committed to helping the student at every stage of the job process. The primary role in this process belongs to the department's Placement Director. The Placement Director assists the student at all stages of the job search process, from setting up a professional credential file to providing mock interviews and advice about job offers.

Marquette is rightly proud of its placement record, and our Ph.D. students have been very successful at securing academic positions. Recent Ph.D. students are currently teaching at the following institutions:

Using the Department's Placement Service:

1. It is mandatory for you to contact our department’s graduate placement director, Dr. Nancy Snow, for guidance and advice about your job search, your credential file, and your CV and cover letters. Dossiers will not be sent without her written permission.

2. Graduate Students must fill out all legal paperwork including consent forms in order to establish and maintain their credential file in the Philosophy Department.

3. All requests for mailing and copying dossiers must be in writing, and preferably in electronic format. Candidates should send comprehensive lists of institutions and correct addresses to Mrs. O’Sullivan, with copies to Dr. Snow, the Placement Director.

4. Dossiers/Letters of Recommendation will be processed and mailed within two working days of the receipt of the request. Mrs. O’Sullivan does not stagger mailings to coincide with deadlines, but instead, sends dossiers out within two working of days of receiving comprehensive lists from candidates. This policy aims to ensure that no deadlines are missed. Dossiers will include confidential letters of recommendation only, along with a cover letter from the department, and transcripts, if the candidate requests them. Candidates are responsible for contacting the Office of the Registrar to request a copy of transcripts. Transcripts will be copied and included with dossier mailings. The candidate is responsible for mailing all other application materials to the hiring department. Candidates should not send requests to Mrs. O’Sullivan to process their dossiers until they are ready to mail their own application materials. Coordination in timing prevents confusion in the application process.

5. Fees for copying and mailing will be $3 per dossier.

6. Fees must be paid in advance if the dossier is to be processed. Checks can be made out to “Marquette University Philosophy Department.” Some exceptions to this include current graduate students who still reside in the area and receive monthly department bills.

7. No dossiers will be processed if any other Philosophy Department bills are outstanding.

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