M.A. Program in the History of Philosophy

The Philosophy Department's M.A. program in the history of philosophy is based on the idea that the history of philosophy, ancient through contemporary, is the necessary experience for a mind critically able to face contemporary philosophical issues. Many of our M.A. students have been accepted for Ph.D. work at other major universities (e.g., St. Louis, Purdue, Boston College, Penn State, University of Texas at Austin, and Cambridge University).

All master's students must complete the following core courses: a course in Plato or Aristotle (PHIL 6605 and 6610), a course in Augustine or Aquinas (PHIL 6620 or PHIL 6640), a course in Descartes, Hume, Kant or Hegel (PHIL 6650, 6655, 6660, or 6662), and a fourth course in the history of Philosophy to be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.

A master's student may choose to be in either Plan A (thesis option) or Plan B (course option). Students are assumed to be in Plan B unless a formal request is made to and approved by the Graduate School.

See the Graduate Bulletin for further information about the graduate program and requirements for the M.A. Program.

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