The Marquette Philosophy Department

A precise and detailed study of philosophy has always been central to Marquette's educational mission, since philosophy provides a principal forum for the serious discussion of the basic questions of life through a disciplined and critical analysis of the works of the greatest philosophers. At Marquette, the philosophical education of all students--graduate and undergraduate--is grounded in the pursuit of truth principally through a study of the Western intellectual and moral traditions from their Greek origins to the present.

The Philosophy Department has 25 regular full-time faculty and 3 full time visiting assistant professors, with a wide range of teaching and research interests. The department has a long tradition of research strengths in Medieval Philosophy and Continental Philosophy. During the past fifteen years, the department has greatly expanded teaching and research strength in ethics, social, and applied philosophy.

For undergraduates, the department offers both a minor and a major. Undergraduate Philosophy majors can choose from one of three areas of specialization: History of Philosophy; Social, Political and Legal Philosophy; and Ethics and Values. For graduates, we offer a Ph.D. that allows for specialization in all areas of the history of philosophy as well as many systematic areas. We also offer an M.A. with specializations in the History of Philosophy and Social and Applied Philosophy.

Philosophy Department

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