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Peacemaking Internships

In our continued efforts to encourage students to pursue peacemaking related careers, the Center will continue to build a list of local internship opportunities. Please contact Chris Jeske if you are aware of opportunities that can be added to this list.

Four Corners of the World

Student Intern

Four Corners of the World, an eco-fair trade store in Milwaukee, is seeking a student intern from Marquette University for 6-8 hours per week during the period of one semester. This is an unpaid internship.


The mission statement of Four Corners of the World is ‘working for peace by achieving justice through fair trade.’ During the course of this internship the student will be able to learn about critical global issues, especially international labor conditions and environmental sustainability, and understand how fair trade contributes positively to both. They will have the opportunity to be involved in a growing movement (fair trade) that seeks greater equity and justice in our world today. This student will also be able to experience the basics of what it takes to run a small business committed to social change.


  • Assist Store Manager with promoting products in-store and online
  • Greet customers and answers questions about fair trade
  • Assist with packing and shipping products ordered through our online store
  • Assist Education Coordinator with creating new material and promoting our fair trade education resources
  • Assist with an offsite fair trade sale when possible

The intern will report to and coordinate his/her schedule directly with the Store Manager.

Please contact Clara Tracey and Lizzie Howayeck at

Peace Action Wisconsin

Peace Action Wisconsin is a peace and justice organization which works for a world where human needs are met, the environment is preserved, and the threats of war and nuclear weapons have been abolished. We are committed to non-violence as a way of life and offer our members opportunities for education, lobbying and public witness.

Peace Action Wisconsin is looking for student interns that can commit 5 to 15 hours per week. These are unpaid internships.

Administrative Assistant

Purpose: to develop intern's ability to oversee and manage the fundamental operations of an organization/business.

  • Develop strategies for fundraising and recruiting membership
  • Implement mass mailings
  • Managing store inventory
  • Effectively track fundraising and membership data
  • Contribute to planning and executing events
  • Assist with writing grant applications
  • Advise volunteers
Research Assistant

Purpose: to develop the intern's ability to search out and operationalize information in a real world setting.

  • Compile and analyze data on topics as both directed by staff and individually selected
  • Organize source materials for reference
  • Follow world events and track legislation
  • Write articles explaining the significance of research
Media and Communications Assistant

Purpose: to develop the intern's ability to produce for, and interact with, print and digital media for promotional and educational purposes.

  • Write and submit press releases
  • Write and edit news articles, OpEds and Letters to the Editor
  • Use various social media platforms to promote events and inform the public (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Update website (Wordpress)
  • Draft membership-wide emails (Salsa)
  • Assist with monthly newsletter development and mailing
Creative Design Assistant

Purpose: to develop the intern's ability to effectively use knowledge of art and visual design in a real world setting.

  • Design promotional event flyers
  • Design informational literature
  • Develop images for use in emails and on websites
  • Contribute to the content and formatting of monthly newsletter

Peace Action is located at 1001 E. Keefe Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53212.

Please contact Mitch Sandquist at