SERVE: Students Engaging in Real Volunteer Experiences

Applications for Spring 2018 will open on November 1, 2017.

SERVE provides an opportunity for first year students to engage in a wide variety of meaningful service experiences throughout the Milwaukee community. This program takes place in the spring semester.

SERVE is a cohort of 20 first year students who volunteer, learn, and reflect together. Each participant is required to participate in at least five volunteer opportunities, which are available at a variety of times and working with a variety of nonprofits and social justice issues. At each site, you will have the opportunity to learn about the agency’s mission and history, the populations it serves, and more ways to get involved. In addition to the service requirement, you will attend a weekend retreat and bimonthly reflection sessions to reflect on your experiences, discuss community needs, and learn about social justice through positive and meaningful dialogue.

Here are a few of the sites SERVE has gone to in the past:
-Penfield Children’s Center
-St. Hyacinth
-Fourth Street Forum
-Urban Ecology Center
-St. Ann’s Rest Home

Why Join SERVE?

Expectations of SERVE Participants
Volunteers are expected to commit to attending at least 5 of the 20 offered service opportunities throughout the semester (often on weekends or evenings), 90 minute evening reflections every other week throughout the spring semester, and a weekend retreat in January. The success of the program relies on the participants’ attendance!

Please contact the Center for Community Service for additional information or questions at


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