Drug Policy

Possession, use, distribution and/or sale of illegal, synthetic or counterfeit substances or the misuse of prescription drugs is illegal. Student involvement in illicit use, possession, distribution or sale of narcotics, amphetamines, barbiturates, marijuana or any other harmful or hallucinogenic drug or the misuse of prescription drugs is prohibited. Student involvement in such matters is of university concern whether it occurs on or off campus and irrespective of any action or inaction by civil authorities. Whenever such student involvement comes to the attention of the university, the circumstances may render the student subject to disciplinary action.

The full professional resources of the University Counseling Center, Marquette University Medical Clinic and all other student personnel services are available to assist any student to meet problems related to involvement with drugs. The university strongly urges that full advantage be taken of these services.

Specific information regarding prevailing law may be obtained from the Office of the Milwaukee County District Attorney, (414) 278-5183, 821 W. State St.

State, county, municipal laws and ordinances
Members of the university community are subject to all state, county and municipal laws or ordinances regulating the sale and use of illegal drugs, as well as the university regulations pertaining thereto. A person is expected to be responsible for his or her behavior at all time. Conduct that is in violation of the state, county and municipal laws or ordinances or the university regulations relating to the use of illegal drugs may involve the individual in student conduct procedures regardless of the action that may be taken by civil authorities. Changes in Wisconsin state law and/or in local ordinances may require changes to this policy.

Unlawful behavior or misconduct
Use of illegal, synthetic or counterfeit drugs or misuse of prescription drugs is not permissible as an excuse for unlawful behavior or misconduct.

Violations of the Drug Policy
Violations of the university drug policy are as follows:

Category A:

Category B:

Category C:

Student Conduct Process
Students in alleged violation of the policy will be subject to the student conduct process. If during the conduct hearing sufficient information is provided for a finding of responsibility, the student conduct administrator will administer a brief drug use screening. Based on the responses to the screening tool, students may be mandated to complete a drug assessment with the substance abuse counselor, or other educational outcome(s). Drug assessments are not stand-alone sanctions, but they supplement additional educational sanctions levied by the student conduct administrator.

Sanctions for Drug Policy Violations
Marquette has established clear and specific minimum sanctions that result from violations of this policy. The sanctions are applied consistently and fairly. In every case in which the student has violated the drug policy, the sanctions will consist of a sanctioning level (probation, suspension, expulsion), an appropriate substance use intervention and a monetary fine. The following are minimum sanctions that correspond to various levels of severity and may result from a failure to follow the drug policy:

Violation 1st Offense 2nd Offense
Category A $100 and University
$200 and Suspension
Category B $200 and University
$300 and Suspension
Category C Expulsion  

Depending on the specifics of the cases, the following may also be assigned:

Failure to comply with assigned outcomes may result in university probation or extension of university probation.

Parental Notification
In accordance with federal law, the university may contact parents/guardians in cases of drug policy violations.



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