Marquette University Logo

Marquette University Logo

Marquette's logo should be included on all marketing and communication materials as part of the brand identity. By following these guidelines, you help reinforce the Marquette brand in the marketplace.


The Marquette logo comprises the words Marquette University, set in all uppercase letters in a modified Adobe ITC Berkeley Oldstyle typeface with a graphic representation of the Marquette Hall tower. Linking the university's name to one of the institution's oldest and most recognizable landmarks helps the logo uniquely and distinctively represent the university.

There is a vertical and a horizontal version of the logo. Either is acceptable to use, depending on design and space considerations.

Use of the tagline

The tagline Be The Difference was added to the logo in September 2002. The expression conveys, in a very simple way, Marquette’s educational promise to form men and women for others, to help students and the Marquette community become leaders who will make important contributions and be the difference in their communities. The Marquette logo with the tagline should be used prominently on all promotional materials. Exceptions must be granted by the Office of Marketing and Communication: (414) 288-7448.

The Marquette tagline must never appear on its own. It must appear:

The tagline does not appear on Marquette University stationery. Refer to stationery standards.

Guidelines for use

Using the Marquette logo in a consistent manner is vital to communicating the university's brand.

The Marquette logo is the official university signature. As such, the logo with the Be The Difference tagline should be used prominently on promotional materials, including publications, advertising, stationery and electronic media. Exceptions must be granted by the Office of Marketing and Communication: (414) 288-7448.

Spacing guidelines

Appropriate spacing between the Marquette logo and other visual elements increases the logo’s readability and prominence. General spacing guidelines for logo usage are listed below:

Logo Size

In the illustration above:

X represents the height of the letter M. A distance equal to one-half the height of the letter M in the chosen logo size should be maintained between the logo and any other graphic element.

The Y represents the height of the letters in the word university. The space between the Marquette logo and the line should be equal to Y as well as the space between the line and the top of the tagline. The length of the line is Z+3Y, such that a distance of 1.5Y extends beyond the ends of the word university in both directions.

The Z represents the size of the tagline in relation to the logo. It should be the same length as the word university, including the period, such that the guide line passes halfway through the period.

Size regulations

Like many graphic elements, the Marquette logo loses its integrity at very small sizes. To ensure legibility, the word Marquette should never appear smaller than six picas (1 inch) in length.

Color applications

Marquette's official colors are blue (Pantone 281) and gold (Pantone 123).

Marquette Blue Marquette Blue
Pantone 281
C100, M72, Y0, K32
Hex 003366

Marquette Gold Marquette Gold
Pantone 123
C0, M24, Y100, K0
Hex FFCC00


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