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There is a maximum number of credits for which you are permitted to enroll via CheckMarq. If you wish to enroll for more credits than the maximum allowed, you should:

  • Register for the maximum allowed using CheckMarq.
  • Obtain permission to enroll in the additional credits from the college/school/program in which you are enrolled on the Credit Overload Request Form .
  • Deliver the approved Credit Overload Request form to your college or dean's office, which will register you for the additional credits, if approved.

The following colleges and schools have established maximum credit loads:

Undergraduate degree students enrolled in:  

Max. credits
fall term and spring term
(total per term)

Max. credits
summer term
(per session total /total per term)
Arts and Sciences 20 credits 8/16
Business Administration 19 credits 8/16
Communication 19 credits 8/16
Education 18 credits 8/16
Engineering 20 credits 8/16
Health Sciences 19 credits 8/16
Nursing 18 credits 8/16
Professional Studies 18 credits 8/16

An additional charge will be assessed per credit hour over 18 credit hours (19 in Business Administration and Engineering).

Graduate and Professional Students enrolled in: Max. credits
Dentistry (depends on curriculum) 25 credits
Graduate School 13 credits
- TAs and RAs 10 credits
- Business grad 13.5 credits
- Direct-entry MSN 18 credits
- Graduate dental 18 credits
Health sciences professional 21 credits
Law 17 credits


The Office of the Registrar is the official keeper of academic records including course registrations, grades, transcripts and diplomas.

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