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This policy is in effect for Summer 2011 classes only. Beginning Fall 2011, refer to the new policy Attendance in Undergraduate Classes.

Students who participate in an officially sanctioned, university activity should be given the opportunity to make up class examinations or other graded assignments that are missed as a result of this participation or related travel.

It is recognized that sometimes an exam or graded assignment is impossible to make up. Some faculty may assign collaborative projects that depend on other classmates, oral presentations that incorporate questioning by the entire class or may use evaluative methods that cannot easily be replicated by the instructor. This policy does not prohibit any member of the faculty from making the determination that certain course work cannot be made up. Faculty who intend to deny the opportunity to make up certain exams or projects must inform the student of this conflict and its consequences (reduced grade or otherwise) in the course syllabus.

Other than the above situations, examinations or other assignments missed as a result of university-sanctioned activities may be made up. The manner in which the work will be made up is left to the discretion of each individual faculty member.

To minimize the difficulties for students and their instructors by absences because of university-sanctioned activities or related travel:

Students should:

  • Make every effort to schedule classes that will minimize activity and travel conflicts.
  • Provide a schedule of all activities and related travel to all their instructors within the first week of each semester or as soon as possible for non-scheduled events.
  • Obtain any class notes or other course material missed because of absence before taking any subsequent examinations or submitting any subsequent graded assignments.
  • Make arrangements with the instructor to make up any missed work before any absence because of a university-sponsored event.

Faculty should:

  • Inform all students on the first day of class and in writing (as part of the course syllabus) of their absence policy and their make-up policy.
  • Faculty and students should develop an agreed-upon and mutually acceptable resolution to situations of missed classroom activities and missed work for university-sanctioned events.

This policy represents university standards; each college may have additional requirements for students enrolling in their courses.



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