Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
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Research Interests

  • Gasification, air- and oxy-combustion and pyrolysis of solid fuels
  • Modeling reaction and transport in porous media
  • Energy conversion
  • Professional Preparation

    Ph.D., 2012, Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    M.S., 2006, Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    B.S.E., 2004, Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

    Selected Recent Publications

    Singer, S., "Direct Quadrature Method of Moments with Delumping for Modeling Multicomponent Droplet Vaporization" International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 2016, 103, 940-954

    Singer, S., Chen, L. and Ghoniem, A. F., “The Influence of Gasification Reactions on Char Consumption under Oxy-Combustion Conditions: Effects of Particle Trajectory and Conversion,” Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 34, (2), 2013, 3471–3478.

    Singer, S. and Ghoniem, A. F., “Comprehensive Gasification Modeling of Char Particles with Multi-Modal Pore Structures”, Combustion and Flame, 160, (1), 2013, 120–137.

    Singer, S. and Ghoniem, A. F., “An Adaptive Random Pore Model for Multi-Modal Pore Structure Evolution with Application to Char Gasification,” Energy and Fuels, 25 (4), 1423-1437, 2011.




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