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Remembering Father Naus

Remembering Father Naus

In Honor of Father Naus

Web Exclusive

Remembering Father Naus

Sep 22, 2013

There are people who are bigger than life and Marquette Magazine loves to discover and tell their stories. But with some very rare souls, it feels as though there is no way to do them justice. That’s the case with Marquette’s beloved Jesuit, Father John Naus.

Marquette Reads: Rev. John Naus, S.J.

Mar 2, 2011

Rev. John Naus, S.J., has been a Marquette institution for nearly 50 years. Here are seven books that top his list of favorites.

King of the Christmas card

Dec 21, 2009

No other Christmas card is quite like the one from Rev. John Naus, S.J. Read about how his unique tradition got started nearly 50 years ago, plus see a photo slideshow of Father Naus through the years.