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Two Minute Stories

Memory keepers

These alumnae from 1963 came from around the country, spent two years in “O’D” and two more in a house on Highland Boulevard.

But their friendship is lasting a lifetime.

Five reconnected at Alumni Reunion Weekend 2013, the last stop of many reunions beginning in 1987 and continuing every three to four years to the present. They’ve enjoyed whitewater rafting, biking on the beach, trekking through ruins and touring national and historic places.

They cherish every memory made and hope to make more, according to Becky Becker Stacy, Arts ’64.

Marquette Magazine congratulates Stacy, Diane Deneen Spanier, Judy Hancock Casper, Maureen Weitekamp Conboy, Sue Gorman Lehr, Carol Wolkerstorfer Loomis, Jane Depies Eisenach, Marilyn Chapin Massey and recently deceased Gayle Hillenbrand Henion on their forever friendship.

Here’s the scoop

Wedding cake is lovely, but Kopp’s custard would be altogether cooler, particularly if the flavors were a blend of the betrotheds’ best picks.

But would Kopp’s consent to mix what is already perfection? As Erik and Julie Heinrichs planned for their wedding in 2004, they had to pop the question.

Kopp’s said, “We will,” and scooped the perfect nuptial flavor: Aloha Turtle, a blend of Turtle Sundae, which is Julie’s favorite, and Erik’s pick, Macadamia Nut.

“The leftover first anniversary pint,” Julie says, “was much better than old, freezer-burned wedding cake.”

Roommate reprise

Freshman roommates Rob McNamara, Bus Ad ’83, Law ’86, and Ernie Watts, Bus Ad ’83, parlayed a friendship formed in McCormick in 1979 into a family act.

“Rob and I roomed together in 425 both freshman and sophomore years. He was the best man in my wedding (to Barbara Dybicz Watts, Bus Ad ’83), and I was the best man in his wedding (to Kate Horning McNamara, Arts ’84),” says Ernie.

Their daughters, sophomores Clare McNamara and Molly Watts, are keeping the tradition alive. “They have known each other since infancy and got re-acquainted prior to arriving on campus freshman year. They quickly bonded and decided to room together in Schroeder this year,” says Ernie. “That makes it Watts and McNamara together again on campus 34 years later.”

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