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Remembering Father Naus

There are people who are bigger than life and Marquette Magazine loves to discover and tell their stories. But with some very rare souls, it feels as though there is no way to do them justice. That’s the case with Marquette’s beloved Jesuit, Father John Naus.

He brought sunshine, smiles, surprises, silly jokes, a little slapstick, serenity and solace to everyone he touched, and his reach was extraordinary. Countless alumni and parents have their favorite “Naus stories.” I have one.

I dropped my second son off on campus to begin classes as a freshman and at 10:30 p.m. my telephone rang. The voice at the other end asked if I was the mother of Marquette student Alex Mueller. I instantly began thinking as a mother would about the various punishments I could mete and what I would say to Alex after I heard exactly what trouble he’d caused on his first day on campus.

Then the voice said: “This is Father John Naus. I had lunch with Alex this afternoon and I just have to tell you what a fine young man he is.” That was Father Naus, a one in a million kind of friend and a man whose love of life may actually have come in second to his love for this university, for its students and graduates, and for its Catholic and Jesuit mission.

Do you have a story to share about Father Naus? Share it with us. We want to hear every single one and remember our dear friend.

Joni Moths Mueller, editor of Marquette Magazine


Comment by Alexa Porter at Sep 22 2013 08:14 pm
I have shared this story with many MU friends, but I think it's worth sharing again as I - and as we all - mourn the loss of someone who truly embodies what Marquette is and made each of us feel so special:

Last spring, 2012, one of my close friends from grade school and high school passed away suddenly and tragically. As I was getting prepared to attend and participate in his funeral on a Thursday afternoon, I found myself in the lobby of Zilber, crying. Father Naus wheeled up next to me and asked what was wrong. I told him my young friend had died and that I was going to his funeral that afternoon. Without missing a beat, Father started a Hail Mary. I joined in and we said both a Hail Mary and Glory Be. That simple gesture meant more to me than anyone could ever know. That is who Father Naus was. A man with a gregarious personality who knew exactly how to make students feel special, a Godly man who made a difference. I know he will be watching over us. Good work, soldier, and Godspeed.
Comment by Haley Jackson at Sep 22 2013 08:19 pm
Fr. Naus and his Tuesday Night Masses are a big reason I decided to become Catholic my junior year at Marquette. His faith, love and compassion was beyond inspiring. I was lucky enough to share in a few conversations with him, and I still have all of the inspirational quotes and cards he mailed to my home in Michigan. I cannot think of my Marquette experience without thinking of Fr. Naus.
Comment by Stephanie (Orcholski) Sinchak at Sep 22 2013 08:28 pm
My sophomore year, I sang at Tuesday night Mass. One week during Lent, my parents came to experience the "amazing" Mass I had been telling them about. As soon as I walked in, Father Naus asked if they were my parents. "You look just like them." Later during Mass, he told the choir to sing the Alleluia, even though it was Lent, "in honor of these great parents coming out to celebrate Mass with us!" He was always doing anything that he could to bring some joy into the lives of others. You'll be missed, Father Naus.
Comment by Erin Skupien at Sep 22 2013 08:30 pm
My sophomore year, I was eating lunch in the AMU with my boyfriend and a female friend, when Fr. Naus came up to our table. He bet us we couldn't guess how old he was, or how heavy he was when he was born. And he was right - we couldn't! Then he took us to his office. When we got there, he had only 2 chairs, and yelled at my boyfriend for sitting in one instead of offerring it to a lady. He showed us the beautiful portraits of his parents he had hanging above his desk, his diplomas from the clown academy and the Vatican, and a copy of Marquette magazine where someone had photoshopped his head onto a streaker. He told us about his years being Hall Minister in Schroeder, and had us push the buttons on the various animated singing/dancing figures around his office. When he sent us on our way, he gave us each copies of his Christmas cards for approximately the past 10 years. I still have them. I will never forget that afternoon. Fr. Naus was an incredible man.
Comment by Ashley Hatzenbihler at Sep 22 2013 08:34 pm
One day over the summer, Father Naus was sitting on the sidewalk outside of the AMU looking pretty upset. He called me over and asked for me to call the van company to see when his ride was going to be picking him up. I called the van company, got an estimated time, and explained to him that they would be there soon. I was running late to work, but decided to stay and wait with him until they got there. As we were there on the sidewalk waiting, he went from being upset to being his normal self. He started asking me questions and telling me stories and nothing that was said was too significant, but I remember leaving and spending the rest of my day smiling. He was someone who wasn't afraid to ask for help and who went from having a terrible day to turning my day completely around. That's just the kind of man he was. He had the kindest soul and the biggest smile. He always said hi to everyone he saw and if you gave him 5 minutes of your time, he would return it tenfold. He will be greatly missed.
Comment by Christine Dunne '85 at Sep 22 2013 08:37 pm
I have my own great memories of Fr. Naus from my years as a student, but my greatest memory is of running into him about ten years ago. I was with my husband and three kids, and we had stopped in the union on our journey home to Chicago from vacation in Door County. Fr. Naus came around a corner on his scooter and immediately stopped to greet us. He talked at length to each of my kids, telling my son he might as well just skip the junior hi and high school years and get started at Marquette right away. Kevin laughed and he said, "No, I'm completely serious! Hear me out.." and continued his case. He made each of them feel so special and important and they have always remembered him. In parting he taught them a handshake with "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" that only Father Naus could make look completely cool to tweens. They continued that handshake for years to come. Rest in peace, good and faithful servant. You made time for us all.
Comment by Kevin Deters at Sep 22 2013 08:38 pm
I have never met anyone else in my entire life whose absolute favorite thing to do is to make other people feel good about themselves. If I had to sum up Fr. Naus in one sentence, that would be it. Also, every time I'd visit him in his office, the first ten minutes of our conversation would always be about the last person who visited before me and what an amazing person that was. Fr Naus, to me, saw everyone as Jesus does... as an absolutely amazing person worthy of unconditional love. Fr Naus was also my spiritual director at college, and his sincere passion and love for God is still an inspiration to me ten years later. He will be missed. He was a great man who lived an extraordinary life. He was truly one of a kind. -- Kevin (MU class of 2004)
Comment by Ann Nealon at Sep 22 2013 08:58 pm
When we flew out to look at Marquette& also so that our son,Ryan,could take the Scholarship test we met Fr. Naus. He approached my son, asked him to please carry his tray of food& follow him. Now our son still was extremely shy, we turned around& in 2seconds our son was gone! We inquired at the Alumni desk, "Where did that Priest take our son?"... "Oh gosh, that's Fr Naus, right down there, he probably is having lunch with him!"...Well, about a delightful hour later the 3 of us left his office! After he took down Ryan's address with the promise to send a Christmas card! I think Ryan's choice was made after speaking to him, I truly do! Perdue&Northeastern didn't have a chance! He was very sad not seeing him much after his Freshmen yr!
Comment by Shelley Spong Daily at Sep 22 2013 09:15 pm
I was a sophomore and went to the Schroeder Hall chapel one weeknight for Mass with Fr. Naus--but I was the only one who showed up. I thought he'd cancel Mass, but he didn't. I told him I was worried I wouldn't know what to do as the sole congregant. "Oh, life is too short to worry! It'll be just fine," he said. He was right. My personal Mass with Fr. Naus is a beautiful Marquette memory. Michelle "Shelley" Spong Daily, CJPA '91
Comment by Kathy Wierzchowski at Sep 22 2013 09:22 pm
I didn't know Fr. Naus well, but he was always a friendly face and would chat with me if I was ever alone at the AMU. I have one clear favorite memory. One day during finals week my senior year (fall semester 2011) I cut through the AMU on my way to the Varsity to study for my last final. Fr. Naus was outside of the Brew, on his way out, wearing a sombrero. I held the door open for him and said hello. He said "Bless you" and wheeled away towards Raynor, singing Feliz Navidad all the while. Definitely brightened my day!
Comment by Jerry Voors at Sep 22 2013 09:22 pm
So many memories of Fr. Naus, from Tumbleweed the clown to his greeting to prospective students. Naus' Christmas card notes dot my office, home and even bathroom mirror. Marquette and the world are a better place thanks to John Naus!
Comment by Daniel Johnson & Patty Johnson 1982 Lib Arts at Sep 22 2013 09:27 pm
I was leaving MU's commencement ceremonies in 1982 with diploma in hand I saw father Naus in the hallway of the Mecca Arena. I walked up and said "I have you to thank you for this MU diploma." "How is that?" he replied. I met you five years ago at a picnic and you were "clowning around" (as Tumleweed) and you asked how old I was, If I wanted to go to college and my address? In two days I got a letter inviting me to "come check out MU, he'd give me a tour or find someone who would." My thoughts were, if this is the first instructor I meet from MU and they are this nice I want to go to school there... The rest of the story is... I met Patty Sherburne DH 82 at MU and Naus married us 4 years later in 1986. That was 27 years, and 4 kids ago, June 28th! He also came to St Mary's parish in Kenosha to baptize our Sophie in 2000! One of our dear friends commented after the homily "That guy is a teenager caught in an old mans body." I think that came from living in Schroeder hall for so many years. We got together every year on his birthday. Last Sunday was our last. Funny thing happened whilst I was with him, he sang songs like he did at that picnic long ago; "Mama's taking us to the zoo tomorrow" and "Hush little baby don't you cry..." Naus, I know you got your wings and will be the first to offer each of us a tour of heaven. God's loving arms are around you for sure. Love, Dan & Patty Johnson MU 82 and daughter Laura MU 2010.
Comment by Julio Rivera at Sep 22 2013 09:45 pm
He helped me when I was a struggling freshman, he helped me be a better RA and person, he was my next door neigbor in Schroeder Hall, and he presided at my wedding. He also made one heck of a balloon animal! We all will miss you.
Comment by Peg Olson at Sep 22 2013 09:51 pm
I distinctly remember Fr. John asking the three guitarists as we were reviewing our selections for a Saturday Midnight Mass at Schroeder Hall (circa 1973), "And where does 'Rocky Mountain High' fit the liturgical readings???" [Needless to say we chose a St. Louis Jesuit song instead.]
Comment by Nic Wucherer at Sep 22 2013 10:15 pm
In my spring semester of 2003 at Marquette I was blessed to have Fr. Naus as one of my teachers and not for the reason one would normally think. No, it wasn't for the fact that he was one of the more enjoyable, friendly, open minded and entertaining teachers that one could have; it was because when my girlfriend was killed in a car accident on a cold Sunday in February he was there for me. I had plenty of family and friends that stood by my side but something about the way that Fr. Naus opened up to me, he was an inspiration in suggesting books I could read that might help with what had happened, we'd meet up for dinner or in his office just to chat and get away from it all, he even would except that there were days that I didn't want to get out of bed to come to his class because of this dreadful event that had just happened to me. I didn't have any other academic personnel doing any of that for me or even seeming to care at all.
I realize that none of my other Professors owed that same courtesy to me but for Fr. Naus it wasn't a courtesy it was who he was and he would have done that for anybody. He’s always been a kind and carrying man. Marquette owes so much to him, I truly believe that he probably made more students days than any other person every involved at that university did or will. He, his smile, suspenders and his Christmas Cards that my family and I receive each year in summer will be missed.
Comment by Liz Winters at Sep 22 2013 10:35 pm
I did not interact with Fr. Naus as much as some of my peers did, but I will never forget when I visited campus after graduating and ran into him in the AMU. He stopped me as if I was an old friend, asking how I was doing. I am certain he did not know who I was, but his interest in my well-being was genuine, nonetheless. He then asked if I knew his secret hand shake. I explained I did not, and he was quick to share his "Father, Son, Holy Spirit" hand shake. It was a wonderful moment, and it has stuck with me.
Comment by Dave Nolan at Sep 22 2013 11:25 pm
I hadn't seen Father Naus in over 20 years. It was 8 years ago at the Evan Scholars 50th anniversary of the Marquette chapter. I introduced Father Naus to my wife and the first thing he says " Is this your daughter?" immediately bringing a big smile to her face. I then tell him both my children have gone to the "dark side" they are at Notre Dame. He then asks me " Is that a Catholic School ?" He always brought a smile.
Comment by Sasha dipietro at Sep 22 2013 11:32 pm
Fr. Naus was a great and encouraging figure to be around. He always tried to make everyone smile and always did everything he could help others. The very first memory of Fr. Manus was when I was standing in the AMU, confused and he approached me and made me feel welcome.

I will always miss him and remember his dedication he put to Marquette University.
Comment by Justin Foo at Sep 23 2013 12:18 am
R.I.P. Father Naus.

Will never forget your warm and charming personality.
Comment by Henry Kwan at Sep 23 2013 01:52 am
When I first started as a freshman at Schroeder Hall in 1967, Fr. Naus was the chaplain there. Thanks to his generosity with his time and his open-heart demeanor towards students like me who had difficulty adjusting to a new language and a foreign culture, I felt comfortable very quickly in the new environment. Thanks to his friendly energy level, beyond compare, towards almost everything that takes place in a dormitory full of mostly enthusiastic freshmen and sophomores, I was inspired by his disposition and his attitude since my first week there. And thanks to his unique sense of humor, which I have been emulating since the Marquette days at the expense of all my friends and those around me, the four years of Schroeder Hall just flew by! I shall always cherish those four years and his teachings.

I never thought I would ever say this about anyone. Fr. Naus has done so much for Marquette and its students that I do not believe that he is replaceable and that Marquette would ever be the same again. Thank you again, Fr. Naus.

Henry Kwan '71 Arts, a grateful alum
Comment by Don McGee '72 at Sep 23 2013 06:41 am
Father Naus was indeed an inspiration to us all. May God reward him for his Faithfulness.
Comment by Janet Frank Dondanville at Sep 23 2013 07:56 am
I remember the first time I took my parents to midnight mass at Schroeder Hall (1978). Fr. Naus in his polka dot vestments gave another inspiring homily that crossed all generations and we all left with a smile on our faces.
And when Fr. Naus made a balloon hat for Alice Semrad, Dean of Medical Technology (1979), which she wore for the rest of the banquet.
And as an RA in Schroeder Hall, when I dressed up as a devil at Halloween. I have the funniest picture I have of kissing Fr. Naus on the cheek.
Incredible memories from someone who touched so many lives and made us all smile! Thank you, Fr. Naus! You will always be in our hearts.
Comment by Mary Sojka Sydzyik, PT '91 at Sep 23 2013 08:03 am
I have countless warm memories of Fr. Naus as my Philosophy 101 instructor, but the most special of all occurred years after graduation. In June 2012, my husband and I took our four boys to Chicago (from Kansas City) for a family vacation, and I insisted on spending a day in Milwaukee at Marquette. Our first stop was the AMU to get a campus map. Little did I know that Fr. Naus would greet us there, instantaneously befriend the boys (ages 12, 10, 8, and 4), and bring us back to his office to share memories and give us prayer cards and inspirational anecdotes. We took pictures and he joined us for a sandwich in the Union, where he proceeded to sing "O Lord, it's hard to be humble". I have it on my iphone and have played it countless times for others and even for just myself! He then selflessly spent the next several hours leading us around campus in his motorized wheelchair. He even used his stature to allow us a special tour of the law school, kids and all! My husband was incredulous over the kindness of this man and fell in love with MU even more....assuming this was the overall spirit of the Jesuits, the campus, the school, and the students here!
Comment by Katherine (Cashman) Keech at Sep 23 2013 08:40 am
Fr. Naus enriched my time at MU. I LOVED Tuesday night mass--one of my favorite hours of the week. Heaven is a happier place now with him there, that is for sure! He will be missed!
Comment by Joe Kowalski at Sep 23 2013 09:29 am
When I think of Fr. Naus, I always remember the midnight masses during the 70's that were held in the basement of Schroeder Hall. Always great stories and times to meet with friends!
Comment by Javaid Iqbal Qureshi at Sep 23 2013 09:47 am
I am actually a close associate of Father Burch and an Alumni of Marquette ( Graduated in 1989). But for sure I remember one thing that Father Naus was one of the most favorite person on Campus.

During my visit to Marquette with my family from Pakistan in summer 2010, I wanted to talk to him but he (sitting in his wheelchair outside back door of Alumni Memorial Union) was surrounded by lots of students that time and I just went past him.I wish I could have talked to him some memorable words !!!!!!!
Comment by Tom Burke at Sep 23 2013 11:15 am
I was fortunate enough to know Fr. Naus as the spiritual adviser for the Evans Scholars when attending Marquette in the early 70's & at various WGA functions945346. In recent years, my family got to know him as a friend when our children earned their MU degrees. We looked forward to our visits whenever on campus & always came away feeling blessed to have this incredible man in our lives.I am certain evryone in heaven has already learned the Wisconsin handshake in his short time there. Rest in peace, dear friend!
Comment by Apichart Andrew Wangsatorntanakhun at Sep 23 2013 11:22 am
In the early 70s, Fr. Naus' thanksgiving day dinners were highlights in my MU years. I was a foreign student that stayed on campus for Turkey weekend. I remember early T-Day, we would all go to the kitchen (forgot where on campus) and help him prepare the food and then greet all the homeless that waited for his saying grace and doled out the food.
Met him in his wheelchair a few years ago on campus while visiting with my daughter. His smile has not changed. We love you, Father.
Comment by Kevin Kulwicki at Sep 23 2013 11:47 am
I remember the Midnight Masses in Schroeder Hall and still have the letters and Christmas cards that followed me through my time in the Army and across 4 continents. Fr. Naus presided at my wedding 18 years after I graduated from Marquette and was disappointed that he couldn't perform the Baptism of my daughter - because he had academic duties - graduation day - the day the Baptism was scheduled in 2012.
Comment by Kevin Kulwicki at Sep 23 2013 11:48 am
I remember the Midnight Masses in Schroeder Hall and still have the letters and Christmas cards that followed me through my time in the Army and across 4 continents. Fr. Naus presided at my wedding 18 years after I graduated from Marquette and was disappointed that he couldn't perform the Baptism of my daughter - because he had academic duties - graduation day - the day the Baptism was scheduled in 2012.
Comment by Jim Love at Sep 23 2013 12:00 pm
Reading these comments and wonderful stories is so enlightening. I will never forget a tour I was giving senior year. The family was rather shy and I had worked so hard to try and get them out of their shell. As we entered the AMU, cue Fr. Naus wheeling up to us, doing his usual conversation ending with the Wisconsin handshake. He begged the student to skip senior year and go straight to MU. I've never seen a family's eyes light up more than this one. They couldn't stop talking about Naus and wanted to make their deposit that day.

This is who he was: someone who cared deeply about complete strangers. If we can have even a portion of his energy and love of life, this world would be a better place. -2013 grad
Comment by Richard Lynch at Sep 23 2013 12:05 pm
I had the pleasure of getting to know Fr Naus when I was working in the AMU, his sense of humor always put a smile on my face.. I had no idea he was such a clown fanatic, and that he rode in the great circus parade as a clown.
Heaven is a better place with such a good clown. You will be missed.
Comment by Kathleen (Kinley) Yonts at Sep 23 2013 12:06 pm
I am not sure I had much interaction with Fr. Naus during my years at Marquette but everyone knew who he was. I went home for Thanksgiving so didn't get the chance to experience his dinner but knew about it. I remember the midnight Masses fondly and often tell my children about them. A few years ago we were in Milwaukee and my husband wanted to stop and see about getting an alumni T-shirt to wear when he would go to the MU-Georgetown game in DC with my son. When he headed off to the rest room I was just standing around and saw Fr. Naus. I went up and introduced myself and talked with him. He didn't act like I was wasting his time and we reminisced about the time I was at MU. He will be missed--he was one of a kind.
MU Class of '71
Comment by Patrick McKenna, Marquette 1981 at Sep 23 2013 12:43 pm
I was the proud recipient of a balloon hat from Fr. Naus at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Marquette Evans Scholar Chapter in 1980 - almost 33 years ago!!!

Fr. Naus had a way to make a person feel special, at ease ...a special man.
Comment by Amy Stollenwerk Happ at Sep 23 2013 01:21 pm
I always loved getting the annual Christmas card from Father Naus! He was eternally young!
Comment by Steve Frieder at Sep 23 2013 01:25 pm
Father Naus lived Gospel values. He did not judge; he gave his love to everyone he met. I have never met a more caring, kind, and compassionate person. He loved making others happy, and he was a gifted counselor and mentor. I am blessed to have worked with Father Naus. He is one of my heroes, and I will miss him tremendously.
Comment by Dan Maciejewski at Sep 23 2013 02:32 pm
One memory in particular was fresh in my mind today. I thought back to the Tuesday night Alumni mass that was organized a couple of years ago. It turned out to be the last mass I had the pleasure of hearing Fr. Naus celebrate.

As we gathered to celebrate the faith community he helped build, you could tell that he was overjoyed to be there. He sat, smiling, surrounded by the wonderful music and familiar faces in the chapel that evening. And even though he was slowing down, he gave a perfect homily centered around gratitude.

Despite the sadness, gratitude is what I feel most today. Gratitude for his the songs, the jokes, and the joy he exuded. Gratitude for bringing us together in prayer and friendship every Tuesday night. Gratitude for having seen on our foreheads, "Make us feel important."

And every time we saw him, he did just that. He will be missed dearly.
Comment by Tony Hale '75 at Sep 23 2013 02:35 pm
I will always remember Saturday Midnight Masses in Schroeder Hall. Fr. Naus was an inspiration.
Comment by Gene Young, Class of '77 at Sep 23 2013 02:58 pm
Fr. Naus was awesome! From days as an RA at Schroeder through the anniversary cards we received from him, Fr. Naus always brightened our day. He was the best! Arriving at the Schroeder Hall basement for midnight Mass. Fr. Naus wore a vestment bedecked in clown faces. He handed me balloons & had me start blowing them up. I asked, “Father, what’s with the balloons & the clown faced vestment?” He replied: “The theme of Mass tonight is ‘Christ the clown.’ While Christ is God’s Son, by taking human form he also embraced all things human…including a sense of humor.” Wow! Talk about profound. I started filling balloons & took that lesson with me to this day. What a difference maker!
My 2nd recollection is how my mom & young brother visited the summer between jr. & sr. year. Fr. Naus was generous enough to share lunch with us. He made my mom & brother feel as if they were guests of honor at a special banquet. He was so wonderful with everyone he encountered. God bless him! Finally, my wife, Sarah (not a Marquetter…what?) was open to seeing if we could have Fr. Naus preside at our wedding. She had met Fr. Naus a few times during visits to MU. Sarah embraced this special man the same way everyone embraced him…wholeheartedly & completely. He was that easy to love & appreciate. Fr. Naus did marry us & was the biggest hit of that day…just by being himself at the liturgy, at the reception & at my folks’ home; he was Father John Naus…special, amazing, incredible & a blessing to us all.
Comment by Yogi Mueller at Sep 23 2013 03:25 pm
There was only one priest that my wife, Imelda Young, and I wanted to preside over our wedding in 1992. That was Fr. Naus. Always enjoyed his annual notes. What an amazing, creative, talented and blessed person he was and we are all so much better for knowing him and being taught by him in and out of the classroom. I was part of the unlucky group to never be able to get into his Philosophy of Humor class, but was lucky to work with him in so many other ways. We must erect a very large statue of him in he manner which we all remember him so fondly - as a kindly clown.
Comment by Joe Zahner at Sep 23 2013 03:28 pm
Midnight mass at Schroeder on Saturday night was a highlight. I didn't have to go mass but Father Naus made it special. I remember him announcing during the homile what movie would be playing that night on Doctor Cadaverino after mass. A special priest.
Comment by Zac Dooley '03 at Sep 23 2013 03:33 pm
I must admit receiving a Christmas card in the summer every year has always been a pleasant surprise.
I moved to CA after graduation, and every time I was back in MKE, I made a point to stop by the union and visit Fr. Naus. He could always brighten any day. Of course, you couldn't ever just go for the 5 minute hello. You had to be prepared to catch up with him on everything about your life, and our conversations never lasted less than a hour. But time doesn't matter, when you were catching up with a good friend.
Comment by David C. Vaillancourt 85 at Sep 23 2013 03:45 pm
I know I am supposed to be sad... but as I remember him I can only laugh with great memories and stand in awe of the love that radiated from that man! What an original!

Fr. Naus, many will miss you and although I am sad a bit at your passing, I can only imagine what you are doing now!

I was blessed to have known you and hope I can bring a bit of your compassion and warmth to my work with college students.

David Vaillancourt
Senior Associate Dean of Students
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Comment by Ed Morris, Class of 1971 at Sep 23 2013 03:50 pm
He was one of the people who made a real difference in my life; as a freshman in 1967, I was struggling academically and went to see him for counseling. He very politely told me to stop complaining and to get to work on my studies or find something else to do. I think that I studied for four hours afterwards that night and kept going. I also played on the Marquette club football team and managed to break my leg during practice in my second year; he took the time to visit me in the hospital, brought some books along and cheered me up. We corresponded in the 90s and 2000s and I enjoyed telling him about my three sons. My wife always enjoyed his early Christmas cards during the summer. Even though I'm well into my sixties now, it made a difference
knowing he was around. He was a truly positive, inspirational person.
Comment by Kevin Murray at Sep 23 2013 03:51 pm
Many memories of Fr. Naus come to mind. Making balloon animals outside Milwaukee County Zoo during Senior Week, Naus unable to make it to the wedding reception explaining that many students find God the weekend before finals, taking my kids to meet him after a Brewers game, and of course the masses at Schroeder Hall. I'm glad I ran into him during our class reunion in July, as usual he was his happy self showing great interest in how things are going. Fr. John Naus will be missed, but there's a new clown in heaven!
Comment by Gregory Cook at Sep 23 2013 03:56 pm
I went to Marquette from 1969-1976, and father Naus was living in Schroeder Hall at that time. I got to know him from the marriage counseling he willingly gave me and many other married students. It was practical advice, and for a man who practiced celebacy, he was very wise, probably drawing on the relationship with his parents who he spoke highly of. Never met a more engaged man who was happy and for all the right reasons. He really wanted to get to know each and every person who came in his life. He will be missed.
Comment by Peter Richardson at Sep 23 2013 04:02 pm
I fondly remember Father Naus as a generous spirit with a heart of gold. He had an enormous depth of personal character. Father Naus' Saturday midnight masses at St. Joan of Arc Chapel and Schroeder Hall, especially the musical ministry and liturgy, were absolutely awe-inspiring.
Father John Naus will be dearly missed by all he knew and loved him.
Comment by Bob C. Hayes. Class of '75 at Sep 23 2013 04:02 pm
I always have great memories of heading back to Schroeder for the midnight mass. There was still plenty of time to get back out at 1 AM.

He was a generous man. How many weddings, baptisms and funerals has he travelled to all over the country? He worked with the Evans Scholars and countless other groups. He made all feel welcome on campus, probably some people that never had been in contact with a Jesuit priest in such a setting.

I saw him a few years ago as he was tooling around in his scooter. He seemed to have the same friendly spirit that he did decades before.

Although he never bought me lunch..and I don't recall getting a balloon animal, I appreciated the Christmas cards over these last 30 some years.

He led a very full life. He had that outgoing, giving personality that you dont't see in all teachers or administrators. He will be missed by many in the Marquette community.
Comment by Peter Richardson at Sep 23 2013 04:03 pm
I fondly remember Father Naus as a generous spirit with a heart of gold. He had an enormous depth of personal character. Father Naus' Saturday midnight masses at St. Joan of Arc Chapel and Schroeder Hall, especially the musical ministry and liturgy, were absolutely awe-inspiring.
Father John Naus will be dearly missed by all who knew and loved him.
Comment by Bill Tennessen at Sep 23 2013 04:11 pm
Bill Tennessen[BUS. AD. '56] Remembers Father Naus from our First Friday Masses at the Bavarian Inn in Milwaukee.
Thank you, Father!
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