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Two Minute Stories

Roadrunner meep meep

While most of the world slept, then worked, then slept again, Thomas Budde, Arts ’95, ran  nonstop  for charity on World Run Day in November.

The 24-hour international marathon celebrated running and asked participants to use the event to raise funds for charity. Budde strapped on his North Face shoes and pulled on a black “GIVE” T-shirt to underscore his midnight-to-midnight mission.

Though the run may have been a one-night charitable celebration for some runners, it was one more way that Budde shared his message about generosity. He founded the Give Shirt movement, which is committed to building a consciousness of giving.

So far, the Give Shirt movement  T-shirts and other apparel distributed for charity   has inspired donations to more than 50 charities. Get information about the next 24-hour worldwide marathon scheduled this August on the Give Shirt Facebook page.

Framing the moment

Lindsey Chavez, Arts ’11, knew she wanted to make special gifts for her closest friends to commemorate their graduation from Marquette.

But she wasn’t quite sure how to mark the occasion until she heard a particular passage in the Commencement address by Marquette President Scott R. Pilarz, S.J. In part, he said, “Stay close to each other and grow closer. Dance at each other’s weddings. Stand as godparents to each other’s children. Mark life’s most important moments standing at each other’s side.”

Chavez had the quote printed over an outline of the state of Wisconsin, with a heart representing Milwaukee. She framed the prints and gave them to her friends.

“We were all off to different adventures, and Father Pilarz’s words rang so true,” Chavez says.

Take a load off

It’s hard to imagine everything that members of a family might need just after losing their home in a fire or natural disaster. It starts with a place to simply sit down.

To help families in their time of need, Olive Promotions donated 100 folding camp chairs to the Southeastern Wisconsin chapter of the American Red Cross. The Brookfield, Wis.-based promotional and apparel firm is owned by Bart, Eng ’92, and Patti, Comm ’95, Bohne.

Each Red Cross truck that responds to local fires is now equipped with four chairs to be used by Red Cross disaster response volunteers while they counsel victims. Chairs also will be distributed to other Red Cross workers. “The first responders are among the most dedicated people I know,” Bart says. “We will continue to look at every opportunity to support this organization.”

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Comment by Chuck Radloff at Jul 20 2013 12:02 pm
Your "2 minute stories" is a great feature, FACEBOOK via Marquette University! A word from a 1956 graduate, yes, 1956 and still around...your respect for your Marquette education will intensify as you proceed along your career path..and your appreciation for your "Marquette Culture" will compound and grow as you use your Marquette education to help shape our world and our future. peace, Chuck Radloff, Class of '56.
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