Using EndNote Bibliographic Software with MARQCAT

What is EndNote?
MARQCAT and Endnote
Using EndNote Software to search Marqcat via the Z39.50 Interface
Connecting to MARQCAT
Importing Saved Records from Marqcat into an EndNote library

What is EndNote?

EndNote is a database management software package which allows you to store and organize bibliographic references. Bibliographic records from many library catalogs (including Marqcat) and many library databases (such as Medline, Proquest, ERIC, PsycInfo, ATLA Religion Database, WorldCat, etc.) can automatically be transferred into EndNote. This automatic process alleviates having to type references in manually.

EndNote also has the ability to work with your word processor; as you type your research papers, EndNote can automatically create bibliographies and footnotes/endnotes (in a variety of citation styles: APA, MLA, etc) from its stored list of references.

Finally, EndNote also has the ability to search specific library catalogs and databases via its own Z39.50 interface. This allows for immediate transfer of records into EndNote.

For more information about the EndNote software, go to EndNote's web site at: offers a 30-day trial of their software. Go to the following URL if you wish to download the trial (requires registration): If you wish to purchase the software, be aware that there is an academic discount for students/faculty/staff. The software can be ordered from an academic software dealer such as



There are two ways to download records from Marquette University Libraries' Marqcat online catalog and add them to an EndNote library:


Z39.50 Access to Marqcat

Use EndNote software to search Marqcat and automatically place the records into an EndNote library. (Note: You must have EndNote currently on the same PC that you are using to search Marqcat and you must also have added or created a connection file for Marqcat (Marquette_U.enz). Easy step-by-step instructions are listed below.)


Exporting Saved Records from Marqcat into an EndNote library.

Export the records from Marqcat, save them to a file, and then use the import feature of EndNote to add the records to an EndNote library. This method is useful if you are searching Marqcat at a PC which does not have EndNote on it or if you prefer to use the more powerful searching interface that Marqcat offers. You will be able to take the file containing saved Marqcat records and be able to later transfer the records into a new or previously existing EndNote library.


Using EndNote Software to search Marqcat via the Z39.50 Interface

It is possible to search Marqcat using the EndNote software. This makes use of EndNote's Z39.50 searching interface which allows for easy addition of Marqcat records to an EndNote library.

However, in order to search Marqcat with the EndNote software, you must have a Marquette Connection File added to your EndNote software. This is easy to do and there are two ways to add this connection file to your EndNote software:

Option 1. Download the latest "MarquetteU.enz" connection file (Download the file from Endnote's web site) and follow the detailed instructions in adding it to your EndNote software.

(NOTE: The "MarquetteU.enz" file is ONLY for use with the Windows version of EndNote.If you use the Macintosh version of EndNote, you will need to follow the instructions as listed under option 2.)

Option 2. Create the "Marquette.enz" file manually and add it to the EndNote software. Instructions are provided below.



Instructions for Option 1: Download the Marquette File Connection and add it to your EndNote software.

Download the latest Marquette_U.enz file from Endnote.

graphic indicating the correct file to download from Endnote

Click on the "Save" button.

screen capture of save screen

Save the "MarquetteU.enz" file into "Connections" folder (within the endnote folder).

graphic showsing connections folder


Instructions for Option 2: Create the "Marquette.enz" file manually. (This is recommended if you are not able to download and add the Windows "Marquette_U.enz" above as outlined above.)

Go into your EndNote program. From EndNote's top menu, click on the Edit option. Scroll down to Connection Files and click on the New Connection option.

On the following screen that pops up, click on the Connection Settings option that appears on the left hand side of the screen.

Type in the following information just as you see it in the following graphic:

graphic showing new connection

Next, click on the Search Attributes option that is on the left hand side of the screen.

Type in the following information, just as you see it on the following graphic:

graphic showing search attributes

After typing in the above information, click on File from EndNote's top menu and then, click on Save As. Name the file: Marquette_U. (Note: EndNote will automatically provide the ".enz" ending to the file name.)

graphic showing save function

You have now finished creating and saving the necessary "Marquette.enz" file to EndNote so that you can begin searching Marqcat with EndNote's Z39.50 software interface and begin directly importing records into an EndNote Library!

Connecting to MARQCAT

Once you have gone through the above steps (for either Option 1 or Option 2), you can then connect to and search Marquette's online catalog with Endnote's Z39.50 software interface. To do this:

Click on Tools from Endnote's top menu.

Go to Online Search, a pop-up window will appear with catalog selections. Choose Marquette_U.

graphic showing choosing the Marquette connection

At the bottom of the Endnote window enter your search term(s) and then click on the "search" button.

graphic showing search screen

To transfer these records into EndNote, under the "References" menu scroll down to "Copy References to" and select either a "New Library" (you will have to name it) or "Choose Library" (you will have to navigate to it).

You can choose to copy ALL the records into the EndNote library, or you can choose to highlight ONLY the records you wish to include in the EndNote library.

Importing Saved Records from Marqcat into an EndNote library.

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