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Caves at Qumran Library Colloquium: Feb. 2 (Tuesday), 3 p.m., Dr. Deirdre Dempsey, Associate Professor of Theology: "What is So Important About the Dead Sea Scrolls?" More...

Leogane, Haiti (Pic:DM/Ian Vogler)

Huge Bake Sale for Haiti: Feb. 3rd (Wed.), 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., Raynor Lobby. All proceeds to benefit Haiti via Catholic Relief Services. Cash donations welcome. Please stop by! More...


RefWorks logoRefWorks Workshops

Workshops: February 10, 11, 15, 18. Open to all! Create an account and practice downloading citations to build your bibliography. More...


Little Rock 1957 Life cover "The Little Rock Nine" in AMU (2nd floor) Feb. 6-12; Raynor Lobby Feb. 13-March 2. The library exhibit considers the legacy and personal courage of the teenagers who changed America, offering a historical overview of the civil rights years, 1954 to 1965, concentrating on school desegregation following Brown v. Board of Education. The display coincides with Marquette's Feb. 9 presentation of the Père Marquette Discovery Award to the nine. Past recipients of the university's highest honor are also recognized in the exhibit: the Apollo 11 astronauts, theologian Karl Rahner, S.J., Mother Teresa, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Rare Books and Manuscripts from the Haggerty Collection: Through March 19, Raynor first floor. Sampling includes illuminated choral and breviary leaves, a 19th century Qur'an, and a 15th century Book of Hours, digitized for close-up examination on an adjacent video monitor. More...


The Marquette Law Review is the first journal to be included in Marquette’s repository. The journal’s complete archive, some 3,700 articles, as well as current and forthcoming issues, have established a dynamic law review presence. Founded in 1916, the Marquette Law Review is the eighth oldest student-run law journal in the country, providing substantive contributions and commentary on a broad range of legal topics. After the full text of all 91 volumes were added this summer, the law review recorded more than 5,000 downloads in just three months. The law review presence in the university’s repository is an important milestone, highlighting the utility of the repository as a publishing platform for online open access journals. Link to the Marquette Law Review; or to e-Publications@ Marquette to see the 20 most recent additions, top downloads, and more. For questions or information about how to add to the repository, contact Ann Hanlon, digital projects librarian.

Collection News

New Databases: Additions during last fall include The Business Journal (Milwaukee and 30+ U.S. cities); Declassified Documents Reference System (78,000+ documents from CIA, State, NSC, Cabinet and more); Encyclopedia of Human Rights (Oxford, 2009); Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History; and Uniworld (worldwide corporate directories). Marquette now provides access (via Badgerlink) to HeritageQuest, a comprehensive treasury of American genealogical sources, including U.S. censuses 1790-1930, Revolutionary War records, Freedman's Bank Records, and much more. Because of contractual changes by the newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel archives are no longer included in Lexis-Nexis and ProQuest; we are working to restore access and have trial access through June 2010 via Access World News back to 1990.

World newspaper archive available online through Center for Research Libraries (CRL). Some 35 19th and 20th century Latin American newspapers, over 970,000 pages, form the core of the program, now adding 40 African newspapers from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and more. A third module of South Asian newspapers (1864-1922) is in production. Read CRL News on the program or connect to World News Archive--Latin America.

Language Learning--Adding to available options for Marquette users (Rosetta Stone), the Milwaukee County library system recently introduced Mango Languages, available to all Milwaukee County residents with a valid borrower's card. Mango includes Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish and Inglés Para Hablantes De Español.

Postcards from Manhattan: The Portrait Photography of Carl Van Vechten. The Libraries' digital collection, launched in February '09 with portraits of notable African Americans in the arts and music, recently doubled in size through the addition of photographs of another 150 prominent 20th century figures, including William Faulkner, Marlon Brando, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Dave Brubeck. Marquette Archives owns more than 4,000 of Van Vechten's photos and additional portraits will be added through 2010. More about the project or view the collection.

Group Study Rooms enhanced

Recent upgrades to several Raynor group study rooms (R134, R167, and R215) include new large screen LCD displays. The two 52-inch and one 46-inch displays can now be connected to computers, Tim Graff of Library Information Technology explained, and offer a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080, which is identical to that of 1080p HDTV. A projector has also been added to Conference Room D, allowing users to connect a computer if they wish. Cables are available at the Circulation Desk for users who do not have their own. Use and reservation procedures are posted.


Mott St. ca. 1938 The Council on Library and Information Resources announced in November a grant of $149,000 to a collaborative project led by the Marquette Libraries. "The Catholic Social Action Project" will allow improved cataloging of special collections, including audio recordings within Marquette's vast Dorothy Day - Catholic Worker Collection.  More...

Department SPOTLIGHT: LIBRARY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYRaynor Library Information Commons

Spend a little time in Raynor’s Information Commons, or observe the use of the libraries’ 250 public computers and you will get an idea of how much work is cut out for the Library Information Technology (LIT) department. However, all the activity in Information Commons just scratches the surface of what LIT does. LIT consists of 5 full time staff including Ed Sanchez, Coordinator of Library Information Technology. “Despite our size, we do a remarkable job of responding to an incredible number of technological advances in higher education and libraries,” says Sanchez. “We provide the effort needed to keep our systems up to date.” In addition to the library staff members, LIT employs roughly 10 student "navigators" who cover 104 service hours weekly and offer assistance and training--in 2008-09 that service responded to 6,500+ requests andRaynor Library Information Technology demand shows no signs of slowing. LIT also supports all functions of the libraries’ staff computer environment (about 70 computers), ranging from mass scale migrations and software installation to malfunctions and staff training. Finally, LIT is instrumental in managing the library’s Web presence, including the launch of a new Web site, and the infrastructure for a new MARQCAT interface (August 2009), more than 65 networked CD-ROM products, and more than 400 licensed databases. Managing to stay on top of rapidly changing technology, Library Information Technology keeps the library research environment current, in many more ways than one.


Following more than six months of consultation with library users and conversion of more than 525 existing pages, the new Library Web site was launched in late December. The new site's improved graphics and four categories (Find, Research, Services, and About Us) are designed to make resources and services more accessible. With more than 3.2 million page views during 08-09 (not counting MARQCAT or licensed database searches), the site is one of the most heavily visited on campus. A link for comments and suggestions is provided at the bottom of every page.

Attention FacultyRefWorks logo

RefWorks users will be interested in three recent announcements. 1) As of February 1st, our subscription now includes RefShare, a quick and easy way to share your citation database (or folder) with colleagues and collaborators both within and beyond Marquette. 2) RefWorks is launching a 2.0, all-new interface for their site, expected in “later February.”  3) Exciting news for alumni and those about to graduate: RefWorks now provides life-long access to our alumni. For more information on these developments, watch the libraries’ RefWorks guide.

Little Rock 1957 The Little Rock Nine and the historic events of 1957 are featured in the Libraries' newest resource guide, including books, articles, and other information about desegregation and the nine Central High School students who made history. At latest count, almost 80 guides have been prepared on narrow course topics to broad disciplines. New guides include Islamic Studies, Company & Finance Information, Biomedical Engineering, and Physics. More...

Interested in combating plagiarism? Check out the new guide for Turnitin. Contacts are given for more information.


The Dec. 16 student-initiated flash rave in RaynorRaynor Rave 12/16/09 was deemed to be the perfect exam study break for the 700+ students who converged on the first floor, chanting "We Are Marquette," and dancing to Miley Cyrus. See a YouTube video here.


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