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Cambridge Histories Online

Are you looking for information on a historical topic?

Topics such as:

  • Ancient Rome
  • French Revolution
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Cuban Revolution
  • Nigerian Independence
  • Industrialization in Great Britain
  • Fall of Apartheid
  • Manchu Dynasty
  • Tokugawa Japan
  • Transcontinental Railroad

Cambridge Histories Online has something for all of these and more. It contains more than 270 books, most of which are multi-volume sets (~90 titles overall) covering large topics over extended time periods, such as the economic history of Europe or the history of Islam.

You can do keyword searches of all the volumes or of individual titles. You may also browse titles, chapters, or authors. The database allows you to export citations, but not the entries.

Each of the works in Cambridge Histories Online is catalogued separately in MARQCAT. To go to the online version, click on the hotlink "Connect to online resource" in the bibliographic record. MARQCAT also offers a complete list of all books in this collection through a title search for "Cambridge Histories Online".

Similar to other digital materials licensed by the libraries, access is permitted from on and off-campus locations for current members of the Marquette community; more about remote access here.

Questions about this resource may be directed to the Information Desk, (414) 288-7556.

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