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		    Janice Welburn

September 2011—On behalf of Raynor Memorial Libraries, it is a pleasure to welcome all of you to a new academic year at Marquette University. At the end of a quiet summer on the Marquette campus, the look and feel of everything changes as students bring new life and faculty return to their classrooms.

Marquette has a special place in higher education. As a Catholic and Jesuit university serving Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and beyond our region for more than 100 years, we are very proud as an institution in the way that we continue to put Ignatian pedagogy—context, experience, reflection, action, and evaluation— into practice. At the center of college life, the practices of scholarship and learning do not end in the classroom, and the staff of Raynor Memorial Libraries is ready to aid in developing both.

Raynor Memorial Libraries is inherently global as we gather the world’s information as a means of enhancing the teaching and research experiences of our students and faculty. We continue to explore and employ new ideas in our libraries. We have upgraded the technology in group study spaces, launched the Digital Media Studio, added new electronic journals and other resources, and made enhancements to MARQCAT, our online information system. Last year, we continued our popular research consultation service and responded to thousands of reference queries in person and via e-mail, instant messaging (chat), and text messaging. Our librarians are always ready to work with faculty to provide classroom instruction on effective research strategies and practices, and they continue to develop online learning objects to offer assistance to students when they need it.

In doing all of this, we are eager to hear from you, not only when you need us but also when you want to give us feedback on how we are doing. Our hope is that we, the staff of Raynor Memorial Libraries, can contribute to your success during the coming year.

Janice Welburn, Dean
Raynor Memorial Libraries