Ithaka Library Survey

April 2015 — Libraries Seeks Input from Faculty and Students

This spring, Raynor Memorial Libraries is inviting faculty and a sample of undergraduate and graduate students to help shape the future of Marquette’s library services by completing the Ithaka S+R local survey. At the end of March, students were asked to complete the survey; faculty have been invited to complete it by April 26.

The Ithaka survey is a data-driven, nationally comparative instrument that will inform campus planning and decision-making regarding research and teaching resources as well as the provision of new transformational educational and research opportunities for faculty and students. The Ithaka local survey seeks perspectives on a range of topics, including how patrons engage with and perceive the library, how they discover resources to support their research, their views regarding the electronic transition for books and journals, their research practices, their perceptions of student research skills, and their involvement and support for graduate instruction. In particular, this survey will help the Libraries gain insight into how faculty work in a rapidly changing and increasingly digital environment.

The survey is being administered by Ithaka using Qualtrics, a third-party survey platform vendor. Only Ithaka S+R local survey project team staff will have access to individual responses through a password-based authentication system. After the survey closes, the library will be provided with the set of individual responses as well as a summary report providing findings in the aggregate.

Questions about the survey can be directed to Jean Zanoni, Associate Dean for Administration and Planning, Raynor Memorial Libraries,