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What is next for the Middle East?August 2013 -- The Raynor Memorial Libraries have acquired and placed on display the seventh and final volume of a very unique, handwritten and illuminated Bible, The Saint John’s Bible, Heritage Edition.

The Bible is the first of its kind to be created in 500 years. Its construction parallels that of ancient hand-written religious texts, written using quills on vellum with natural, handmade inks and hand-ground pigments and gold leaf. While the original work resides at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library on the campus of Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota, The Heritage Edition is an exquisite art reproduction of the original.

Saint John’s Abbey and University commissioned the Bible with the goal of igniting the spiritual imagination of people throughout the world. They envisioned the combination of these ancient methods and materials with 21st century Eastern and Western imagery.  Calligraphic artist and creative director, Donald Jackson, completed each volume in stages, starting with the first volume Gospels and Acts in May 2002 and ending with Letters & Revelation in May 2011.

The Marquette community and general public are welcome to view The Saint John’s Bible in the Libraries’ Special Collections and University Archives, weekdays from 8 a.m. through 5 p.m. on the third floor of Raynor Library.

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