Strategic Plan, 2012-2015 - Collections


Facilitate access to information resources that support the full range of curricular and research needs of the Marquette community.

Success in learning and discovery requires breadth and depth of information content combined with robust discovery and delivery tools. Raynor Memorial Libraries will partner with faculty and students to actively identify and assess resources most relevant to the campus mission, while serving as responsible stewards of the Libraries' and University's resources. Changing models of scholarly communication demand that the Libraries play a key role in promoting and advocating for proactive policy development that provides for enduring and open access to information that leads to the free exchange of ideas.

Strategic Priorities

  • Optimize discovery and awareness of our resources
  • Steward resources wisely for the acquisition and preservation of collections
  • Assess and evaluate the Libraries' resources to determine their effectiveness in meeting the needs of our community
  • Engage with campus stakeholders to assure awareness of and encourage support for changing models of scholarly communication
  • Increase the Libraries' capacity to acquire and access information resources in all formats

2014 - 2015 Objectives

  • Assess collections
    • Support new or expanded areas of research
    • Explore methods for gathering in-house usage statistics
    • Gather additional user feedback
    • Increase cross-departmental cooperation
    • Relocate and withdraw monographs and serials as determined via assessment.
  • Explore options for print collection storage
    • Investigate alternative storage locations
    • Evaluate the current storage collection for withdrawal
  • Develop and expand digital programs
    • Increase faculty and student deposits into the institutional repository (IR)
    • Add new content (journals, digital scholarship) into the IR
    • Expand scope of data management pilot
    • Expand the digitization of  Special Collections and Archives
  • Enhance discovery of Library resources 
    • Review MARQCATplus
    • Improve the discovery of Special Collections and Archives materials
  • Investigate available options for streaming audio and video files
  • Implement, promote, provide training and instruction and explore enhancements for Stackmap