Mary DiStanislaoLisa Olson, Grad ’10, is the director of business operations for Marquette’s IT Services department and the chair of Marquette’s Staff Assembly.  In addition to managing the business of Information Technology at Marquette, Olson is responsible for guiding the Staff Assembly, presiding over Assembly meetings and representing the Staff Assembly on the University Leadership Council.

Prior to coming to Marquette, Olson worked for and with the E.I. DuPont Company as a business and marketing strategist.  Lisa joined Marquette in 2000 as a business manager for the College of Nursing.  In that role, she administered salary and grant recovery for faculty, planned and managed Nursing budgets and negotiated contracts for shared faculty resource agreements with clinical agencies.  In 2006, Olson moved to IT Services where she oversees the University’s computer replacement program, executes the purchase of all hardware/software and plans/administers the University’s contract maintenance budget.

Olson graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware and a master’s in leadership studies from Marquette.  She is also a graduate of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Assessors (NIST) training and Future Milwaukee.

Lisa and her husband Mark have two children: Gina (Arts ’09, Grad ’11) is a mental health counselor at the United Community Center in Milwaukee and Max is a freshmen at Marquette.