Dr. Ana GarnerDr. Ana C. Garner is the interim dean of the J. William and Mary Diederich College of Communication. Prior to taking on the interim dean role, Garner served as interim dean of the college (2005-2006), associate dean for graduate studies and research (1999-2005), and acting graduate director (1998-1999). Garner joined the journalism faculty at Marquette in 1992, specializing in visual communication, graphic design and the sociology of news.

Garner received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from Rutgers University, Douglas College (1978), a masters of arts degree in journalism from the University of Iowa (1987) and a doctorate in mass communication from University of Iowa (1992).

Garner’s primary research is centered on news and popular culture narratives, focusing specifically on news narratives during times of change (e.g, disasters, war, social conflict). She has authored or co-authored numerous articles on press coverage of mothers of combat soldiers, women’s representations in popular culture, press coverage of contraception and news coverage of transportation disasters.

Garner has been awarded the Dean’s Recognition Award for Outstanding Research (2015), the Dean’s Recognition Award for Outstanding Teaching (2010), and the Dean’s Recognition Award for Outstanding Service (2009, 2004).

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