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Transfer calls
Skype for Business phone calls
Access Voice Mail

Make phone calls on the Polycom CX600

Polycom CX600 phone

To dial the number, you can use the phone device to punch in an entire number (e.g., 95551212) then either lift the receiver or press the speaker phone key.

On-campus calls
If you are on campus, you dial five-digit extension numbers. Extensions beginning with an 8 denote administrative/faculty numbers. Extensions starting with 3 indicate non-direct extensions (e.g., elevator phones or phones in residence hall lobbies).

Off-campus local calls
Dial 9, then dial the desired number (e.g., 95551212).

Direct dial long distance calls
Dial 9 + 1 + Area Code + seven digit number (e.g., 916085551212).

How to lock and unlock the Polycom CX600

You will be prompted to create a PIN for your phone.

Enter a 4 digit number for your phone PIN.

Remember this number as it can only be reset on the phone.

The Polycom CX600 phone is automatically locked when
• you are not logged in to the computer or the computer is locked
• the phone is idle for a preset period of time

To manually lock the phone, click the menu button (middle), and select Lock Phone.

Use the phone buttons to make menu selections.

When the phone is locked
• You can make and receive calls, but functionality is limited, for example it is not possible to transfer a call when the phone is locked. In order to transfer the call, you need to unlock and enter the PIN – this can be done without putting the call on hold.
• You cannot access voice mail and calendar when the phone is locked, but you can see the time of your next meeting.

To unlock the phone

Screen when the phone is locked.

• Log in to the computer
• Unlock it manually by pressing Left Select. The PIN entry screen appears. Enter your PIN, and press Left Select or OK.

Use the buttons to lock and unlock your phone

Transfer a calls

Skype for Business phone calls

Access your voice mail

You have four ways to reach your voice mail:
  1. Check your eMarq Inbox for voice messages. Learn more.
  2. Use Skype for Business to dial into voice mail. Here's how.
  3. Dial (414) 288-6479 from any phone to access your voice mail. Learn more.
  4. Press the Home button on your phone.
    Use the up or down arrow to move to the Voice Mail icon. Voice mail messages you have will appear on the screen.
    • You can scroll through voice mail messages with the Up and Down arrows. Press OK to select a message.
      Then follow prompts below the screen to play the message or call the person and use the Select buttons to make your choices.
    • To delete a voice mail message, scroll to it. Press the Menu button. Use the arrow to scroll to Delete voice mail and press OK to select it. It will ask for confirmation to delete it - press the left Select button to choose Yes.
    • To call Voice Mail, press the Menu button and make your selection.

Help with your Voice Mail PIN

Telephone maintenance

Contact the Help Desk for telephone repair, moves, additions or removals.

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