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Six New Features in Outlook 2013

1. Respond faster to email messages

2. Peek at your schedule

Peek at your schedule or a specific appointment without leaving an email message window. Hover over the calendar icon and double-click on a specific date to view more details.

Hover over the calendar icon to peek at the calendar.

3. Prevent forgotten attachments

Outlook 2013 reminds you about forgotten attachments. When you refer to an attachment in the body of your email and click Send without adding an attachment, and Attachment Reminder window opens.

A window opens to remind you about an attachment.

4. Find items with improved search

Outlook 2013 features improved search across all Outlook items and it is possible to view only unread messages.

5. Highlight your drafts

Drafts are highlighted to remind a user that one has been started.

6. Change navigation options

Change the number of visible items on the navigation pane at the bottom left of the Outlook screen. Compact navigation removes the Navigation Bar and lists the views at the bottom of the Folder Pane.
Right-click and click Navigation Options.

Right click navigation at bottom left > Navigation Options.

Choose the number of items to show and check Compact Navigation.

Check Compact Navigation.

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