Q: What is the Computer Replacement Program (CRP)?

A: The CRP was created to provide a four-year replacement cycle for desktops and notebooks purchased and owned by the university. For every new computer allocated, an old computer must be removed from inventory and from campus by a designated 3rd party disposal partner. Funds for this program are approved via the capital budget process. The total funds available for Fiscal Year 2017 are $1,000,000.

Q: What computers are eligible for replacement by the program?

A: Computers must be currently in use and listed in the university inventory as being a part of the Computer Replacement Program. Old computers that are being stored by departments and not currently assigned to a user/position will not count toward a department’s computer total and cannot be used as removals for the CRP.

Computers purchased with department funds can be included in the program if:

  • The computer replaces a machine already designated as part of the program and the replaced machine is transferred to IT Services for recycling, or
  • The computer is purchased for the addition of a staff member that increases the department’s total head count, or
  • The computer is approved for addition to the CRP Program by the Chief Information Officer.

Grant funded computers are not included in the Computer Replacement Program.

Q: How is my department’s allotment determined?

A: Allocations will be calculated annually based on the amount of funds available in the replacement fund. The program funds may not cover replacement of all eligible units in your area. Departments are encouraged to budget for replacements not covered by the program. Allocations will be communicated to departments by September of each year. If you have questions, feel free to contact the CRP program manager by calling the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799.

Q: Does this program cover the cost of additional computers for new faculty or staff?

A: No. This program was designed to replace computers on a four-year replacement cycle. Departments should budget for computer purchases for new faculty or staff. Machines purchased by department funds that result in an increase to a department’s faculty or staff headcount will be included in the program going forward.

Q: What is the standard replacement?

A: The current approved vendor for the CRP is Paragon Development Systems, Inc. (PDS). They supply desktops and laptops from HP as well as additional laptop options from Lenovo.

The standard computer replacement will have a minimum of Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive. The standard designated desktop and laptops are noted on the order sheet.

Each machine will come preconfigured with Windows 10. Other software packages included are: Microsoft Office Suite (includes the Outlook email client), Internet Explorer, antivirus software and Adobe Reader. Additional software that may be required, and any needed data transfers will be determined prior to machine installation via communication between you and the IT Services Build and Deploy Team.

Monitors will not routinely be replaced with new systems. If you have a 17” (or less) size monitor with your desktop computer, the monitor will be replaced with the standard 21.5” monitor at the time the computer is being replaced. Should a monitor fail during the course of the year it will be replaced with the current standard monitor.

Q: Where can I see descriptions of the systems available on the program?

A: Descriptions and images of the standard systems available on the program may be viewed here. Other information can be obtained from the CRP program manager.

Q: What if I want something other than the standard replacement model?

A: Upgrading desktop computers to options other than the small form factor, choosing a laptop not listed as standard, or purchasing an Apple computer will be funded as follows:

• PC Desktop Machines - $536
• PC Laptops - $847
• Apple iMacs and laptops - $1000
Charges over these amounts will be the responsibility of the department.

Q: How does my department pay for costs over that allowed by the CRP Program?

A: You will need to provide an unrestricted responsibility center (xxxxx-00000-1934) when placing your order. A budget transfer request will be initiated by IT Services.

Q: How do I place my order?

A: Orders can be placed by contacting the CRP program manager at 288-7563.

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