1.0 Overview
A Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is a handheld device that combines computing, telephone and networking features. PDA size and portability makes them easy targets for thieves as they are easily misplaced or lost. As the use of PDAs in the university increases, users of these devices need to recognize the need to protect sensitive university data which may be contained on the PDA.

PDA security should be a serious concern for every individual and university handheld device user. The security concerns of the PDA remain no matter the manufacturer or model.

2.0 Purpose
This policy is intended to provide guidance to departments who are utilizing PDAs or considering implementing the use of them in their daily work.

3.0 Policy

  1. Support Controls
    1. PDAs must meet university hardware and software standards in order to receive support for the device. For a list of current supported hardware, contact the IT Services Help Desk.
    2. IT Services will provide technical assistance on supported PDAs to all faculty and staff. Access to this support is available by contacting the IT Services Help Desk.
  2. Security Controls
    1. The PDA is not considered a secure computing device. It is recommended that only non-confidential information be stored on the device and the password protection feature enabled.
    2. Damaged or broken PDAs must not be sent to retail service centers by non-IT Services staff. The reason is that PDAs are usually replaced, not repaired and returned to the employee. Therefore, any data that was accessible on the PDA would then be potentially available to buyers of surplus equipment. Before sending out a PDA for service, IT Services staff will erase all data on the device.
    3. Any PDAs to be discarded, returned to manufacturers or traded in for a newer/different model will have their memories erased immediately upon the user relinquishing it to IT Services staff. Users must understand that in the event they did not save needed data from their PDA, it will be lost.



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