University Honors Program Undergraduate Research Presentation
Thursday, October 24th, 2013
Raynor Conference Center, Lower Level
4 – 6 pm

Students in the Honors and McNair programs enrolled in last spring's Honors Research Seminar will present posters explaining the results of their individual summer research projects. Please drop in to meet students and mentors and to learn more about the myriad possibilities for undergraduate research at Marquette! Light refreshments will be served.

Research Presentations
Guadalupe Avalos Filling Caskets More Quickly than Cribs? A Comparison of Infant Mortality in Milwaukee and Costa Rica, (Faculty Member Susan Giaimo, Political Science)

Brittany Bernal Sensorimotor Adaptation of Vowel Production in Stop Consonant Contexts, (Faculty Member Jeffrey Berry, Speech Pathology and Audiology)

Aaron Bledsoe The Man Behind The Mask: The Progression of African American Male Characters as seen in Films Awarded the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture, (Faculty Member Pamela Nettleton, Journalism and Media Studies)

Danielle Geerling Comparison of College Students’ Perceptions of Individuals with Anorexia Nervosa and Major Depression, (Faculty Member Stephen Saunders, Psychology)

Amber Powell Blaming the Victim: A Look at Sexual Assault Adjudication in the Milwaukee County Courthouse, (Faculty Member Heather Hlavka, Social and Cultural Sciences)

Hari Prasad Men We Can Work With: Bargaining in the State-Proxy Relationship (Faculty Member Risa Brooks, Political Science)

Catharine Skoog
Relationship between Type 2 Diabetes Management and Access to Whole Foods in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee, (Faculty Member Robert Topp, Nursing)

Andrew Thompson From Tragedy to Policy: Representations of Muslims and Islam in U.S. Mainstream Media, (Faculty Member Risa Brooks, Political Science and Faculty Member Grant Silva, Philosophy)

HOPR 3955 Undergraduate Research

Brief Description: The HUROP experience is intended to provide the Honors student with an opportunity to participate in, conduct, write up and disseminate an original research project with a university faculty member and in the context of a community of fellow honors students engaged in research projects. It consists of a preliminary seminar (HOPR 3955, 3 credits, spring semester), a summer research project, and a culminating fall research fair and presentation.

Outcomes: The student gains a hands-on experience of research that leaves them with not only the insights gained from engaging in a particular research project, but also with an understanding of the nature of the wider humanistic context (historical and contemporary) of research, what unifies it, its diversity of method, kind, proximate/distal goals, an appreciation of the intricacies and limitations of research, and a sense of the social and communitarian nature of research enterprises.


Preliminary Seminar (HOPR 3955)

Goals: (1) To consider from historical, philosophical, social, and political perspectives the nature of research today and in the past in order to reach a richer understanding of what research is and is not, does and does not, and ought and ought not do; (2) To explore the decidedly non-monolithic nature of research today by studying in some detail the  different varieties of research taking place on campus; (3) To identify/refine the student’s particular research project, and with the assistance of his/her faculty sponsor, develop a proposal to submit for UHP funding and to be presented in the seminar.

As a rough guideline, one of each the three credits of the seminar will be devoted to each of these three goals.

Summer Research

Students participating in the seminar and successfully completing an application (with research project proposal) will be considered for a HUROP Summer Research Award on a competitive basis. (Current funding levels are at 15 awards of $2500 each.) The summer research will take place under the supervision of the student’s faculty sponsor and at Marquette University.  In addition to performing their research, students will be encouraged to participate in regular research activities such as reading groups, project meetings, colloquia, etc.

Culminating Research Symposium

Students will participate in an Honors Program Research Symposium (open to faculty and students) with the possibility of a poster and/or paper sessions.





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