University Honors Program research presentations

University Honors Program and the McNair Scholars Program Research Presentations
Friday, 10/24, 2014
Sensenbrenner Hall, First Floor Atrium
3:30 – 5:30 pm
Refreshments will be served

Janelli Barrow, McNair Scholar: African American Women's Perceptions Related to Childbirth Readiness: Traditional versus Group Prenatal Care, (Faculty Member Karen Robinson, Nursing)

Claire Bird, McNair Scholar: Alcohol Use Tendencies and Depressive Symptoms: Influences of Acculturation Status, Ethnic Identity and Nativity Status in Mexican American Adults Living in the United States Lucas, (Faculty Member Lucas Torres, Psychology)

Lauren Borchardt, University Honors Program Scholar: The Role of Traditional Values and Role Portrayals on Preference for Stereotypical Children’s Literature; (Faculty Member: Debra Oswald, Psychology)

L.J. Cooper, University Honors Program Scholar: “For thou art with me": Wordsworth’s Medicinal Empiricism, (Faculty Member Christine Krueger, English)

Ayia Dahir, McNair Scholar: U.S. Residing Arab Women's Experiences of Weight Gain and Weight Loss During Childbearing, (Faculty Members Jennifer Ohlendorf and Karen Robinson, Nursing)

America Davila, McNair Scholar: Breaking the Cycle: An Examination of Environmental, Cognitive, and Emotional Factors of Intimate Partner Violence in Adolescence, (Faculty Member John H. Grych, Psychology)

Chrysanthemum Gorospe, University Honors Program Scholar: Contribution of Prefrontal Cortical Activity to Learning-Related Protein Expression in the Basolateral Amygdala during Trace Fear Conditioning, (Faculty Member Marieke Gilmartin, Biomedical Sciences).

Derek Gutierrez, McNair Scholar: Predictive Modeling for Finding Cut Off Values of Serum Marker CA19-9 for the Prognosis of Pancreatic Cancer, (Faculty Member Mehdi Maadooliat, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science)

Lauren Guzman, McNair Scholar: Why can't we be friends? Platonic relationships in Disney films, (Faculty member Pamela Hill Nettleton, Department of Communication)

Connor Hooper, McNair Scholar: Chicago Public Housing Demolitions and Individual Sense of Political Belonging (Faculty Member Wichowsky, Political Science)

Nailah Johnson, McNair Scholar: Contraction-Induced Arousal on Recent Memory in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis, (Faculty Member: Alexander Ng, Exercise Science)

Kelly Meyerhofer, University Honors Program Scholar: Inner and Outer Cabinet Credentials: An Examination of Male and Female Appointments to the Departments of State and Labor, (Faculty Member Julia Azari, Political Science)

Darryl Ramgoolam, McNair Scholar: Humanoid Robot Reading Partner for Children (Faculty Member Andrew Williams, Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Kaelin Rapport, McNair Scholar: Histological Techniques for the Determination of Sex in Skeletonized Human Remains, (Faculty Member Norman C. Sullivan, Social and Cultural Department)

Laura Thiel, University Honors Program Scholar:  HHEX-Mediated Transcriptional Regulation of Axon Outgrowth in CNS Neurons, (Faculty Member Murray Blackmore, Biomedical Sciences)

Isabel Utschig, University Honors Program Scholar: Testing the Role of the TDIP sequence on the C-terminus of IFT172 as a CrEB1 binding site in Chlamydomonas, (Faculty Mentor Pinfen Yang, Biological Sciences)

Brett Wisniewski, University Honors Program Scholar: Determination of the Requirement for a Putative of tRNA Methyltransferase Gene TTHERM_00051970, (Faculty Member Kathleen Karrer, Biological Sciences)


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